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Revolar was created so you can live the life you want knowing that help is at your fingertips. We believe in building technology that gives you the confidence to go have fun, meet new people, and enjoy amazing experiences while feeling safe and protected. Nothing should hold you back, and with your loved ones by your side, nothing will.

Greentech • Wearables

The FlyWire EM camera system is modular, economical, easy to install, and provides high-quality HD video, GPS and sensor data sets for stakeholders. Customize a FlyWire EM camera system to fit an Electronic Monitoring Program for any fishery.

Sales • Wearables
15 Employees

Cuore of Switzerland, Inc. is a cycling apparel brand focused on road, mountain bike, triathlon and running technical wear. We serve the consumer direct, custom, retail and OEM partners. From a brand and consumer perspective the brand is managed with unique positioning. Our team is hardworking and dedicated and our US office is growing quickly. We have a dynamic work environment that combines a shared business vision with individual accountability. We strive to create an environment that allows for individual growth and balances work with life.

Gaming • HR Tech • Information Technology • Transportation • Wearables
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

At Otter Products, we grow to give. From our founder’s garage in 1998 to the global technology leader we are today, Otter Products continues to drive growth through innovation. Through our industry-leading brands — OtterBox, LifeProof, Liviri and OtterCares — we provide our partners the number-one selling and most trusted products in our categories. From sell-in to sell-through and beyond, we foster those relationships, allowing us to grow and to give — together. By way of our charitable arm, the OtterCares Foundation, we support our communities and invest in our future through education that inspires kids to change the world. From innovation and engineering to community and culture, growing to give is at the heart of everything we do.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Mobile • Wearables
7 Employees

Rinami was formed in 2009 to deliver outstanding services and solutions to asset intensive businesses. Our focus of delivering business solutions to business problems means that the value of our services is immediately identifiable and the planned benefits of our solutions are quickly realized.

Fashion • Retail • Travel • Wearables
9 Employees

Lems Shoes’ philosophy is simple – less is more. Instead of spending time trying to develop the next footwear fad, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable shoes that consider the foot above all else. All of our products are flat, flexible, and fit the natural shape of the human foot.

Big Data • Healthtech • Insurance • Wearables
Fully Remote, USA
100 Employees

Our platform unlocks siloed health data for consumer control. Today, we enable access back to public settings (work, stadiums, travel) during the pandemic, help rapidly screen for clinical trials, and accelerate the buying process for insurance products. Tomorrow we will inspire the innovation of digital health products to maximize wellness, longevity, and potential.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Kids + Family • Software • Wearables
Fully Remote, USA
9 Employees

COSMO is on a mission to develop connected technology specifically for young children. Our devices give kids the freedom to explore while protecting them from the influence of addictive screens, adult content and internet-related safety threats. COSMO is creating a safe technology entry point for children and families. To accomplish that mission, COSMO has set out to completely re-engineer connected devices from the ground up. We don’t repackage adult technology, put some cartoons on it, and call it a kid’s device. That method has been incredibly detrimental as kids can bypass filters, access hidden apps and receive unsolicited messages from strangers. Instead, we asked ourselves “what should a kid’s device be like?” From there we consulted parents, kids, teachers and security experts and stripped away all of our preconceived notions about what a kids device should be. COSMO’s flagship product is the COSMO JrTrack, a kids smartwatch. With all of the basic communication functions (calling, GPS tracking, and messaging), our smartwatches operate as a standalone kids’ wearable phone. Parents and guardians download the COSMO Mission Control app to curate a family experience around geo-tracking, photo sharing, calendar reminders, and much more. The COSMO team is global with representation in the US, Canada, China, Slovenia, and France.

Hardware • Software • Wearables • Database • Biotech
21 Employees

The way most technologies collect data is flawed — they capture isolated snapshots that lead to inaccurate insights, making it impossible to conduct complex analyses. Our patented technology wraps around human and material bodies and collects gapless data to build a comprehensive picture of the body’s behavior that delivers accurate insights. At scale, these insights lead to predictions and learnings that transform how we approach countless problems – from human wellness to industrial performance and much more.

Healthtech • Wearables

Physia is the new health monitoring system that changes the way you’ve thought about patient care so you can get in-the-moment wellness updates easily and comfortably because we’ve imagined patient support in a bold new way to all our patients. With the use of IoT and AI, our machine learning process is truly a game changer.

Boulder, Colorado, USA
25 Employees

Earable is a neuroscience company developing wearables that detect real-time neural signals to stimulate the brain to improve sleep, focus, and other cognitive functions. Our smart headband is built around individualized sleep health. By simply wearing our smart headband and using the companion app we are helping people, monitor and detect early warnings of potential health risks; Accurately measure all relevant sleep indicators like sleepiness, sleep depth, awakeness; Non-invasively stimulate your mind with audio and light to optimize sleep to your need; and Determine the exact optimal moment to wake you up in the morning so that you feel the most refreshed. Earable was founded in 2018 by Tam Vu. Tam is the founding director of the Mobile and Networked Systems (MNS) lab at University of Colorado Boulder, an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford and has 25+ patents filed for his cutting edge technologies.

Fashion • Other • Retail • Wearables

Find a great collection of Wedding Rings at The Dymocks building. We have a great collection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, men suits, engagement & wedding rings and more. We inspire and encourage our bride to make true about her dream wedding and surprise her with the most affordable price. Visit us today!

Virtual Reality • Wearables
1 Employees

Interactive Lens, is a creative studio focused on creating immersive augmented reality experiences and development solutions for Microsoft HoloLens. Interactive Holograms + real world environments creates a unique augmented reality experience.

Fitness • Hardware • Sports • Wearables
10 Employees

Stryd is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about creating the future of wearable technology for runners. Out of this passion, we’ve developed technology for runners that provides insight into their health, technique, and performance. By using Stryd, runners can train effectively, race strategically, and unleash their full potential.

Hardware • Retail • Software • Wearables
Boulder, Colorado, USA
165,000 Employees

Apple is a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continually reimagining what’s possible to help us all do what we love in new ways. The people who work here have reinvented entire industries with the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as with services, including iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

10 Employees

Colorado Tech Shop provides leading electrical product design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services to a wide range of industries including telecommunications, IT, health, solar energy, hospitality and fitness. We specialize in design, quick turn, prototyping and low-med run component manufacturing up to full turn-key solutions.


FABRIQ is an advanced safety platform that manages all the complexities of embedding meaningful safety features into your apps and wearables. It not only empowers your users to prevent and act when an emergency happens but also gives their loved ones the tools they need to quickly respond and get them the help they need fast.

Agency • eCommerce • Sales • Wearables

WE MAKE YOUR BRANDS A PRIORITY FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION. Founded in 1990, ImageSeller is a Denver, Colorado based award winning promotional merchandising agency specializing in strategic global sourcing and promotional merchandise.

Healthtech • Wearables
5 Employees

Prima-Temp is a technology company focused on bringing core temperature monitoring to women trying to get pregnant. We are a small team with big goals and an exciting future. We offer a competitive salary, healthcare benefits and a relaxed work environment.

Healthtech • Wearables

Sana is a digital heath company driven by 25 years of research into relief for symptoms of chronic pain and insomnia. Sana is developing the first non-invasive, comfortable bio-therapeutic device capable of inducing a deep restorative state of relaxation to alleviate pain and tension.