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Aerospace • Hardware • Information Technology • Security • Software • Defense
93,000 Employees

Improving the future and protecting lives is an ambitious mission, but it’s what we do at BAE Systems. A career here means using your passion and ingenuity to defend national security with breakthrough technology and intelligence solutions. It’s rewarding work that truly makes a difference. And as you tackle critical projects, you’ll work alongside a supportive team – driven by a shared ambition to protect what really matters. At BAE Systems, you’ll find an extraordinary career where you can realize your true potential.

Aerospace • Cybersecurity • Defense • Manufacturing
Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA

York provides complete solutions for mission design, spacecraft, launch, ground, and operations.  York offers complete mission solutions for both government and Fortune 500 companies from cyber-secure globally connected communications, to earth observation, and dedicated analytics platform streams. Today, York is one of the most innovative aerospace companies, specializing in both end-to-end customer solutions and the manufacture of spacecraft platforms.

Aerospace • Hardware • Professional Services • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
Longmont, Colorado, USA
420 Employees

Honeybee Robotics specializes in creating novel exploration systems for the most extreme environments and advanced motion control solutions for NASA, defense, and commercial programs. Our work has played a critical role in thousands of projects spanning from conceptual design studies to flight missions, including NASA's Artemis I Mission and the Roman Space Telescope. We look to "Touch Life" by supporting planetary science, including every NASA Mars rover since Spirit and Opportunity. We aim to "Mine the Sky" through the development of practical In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Defense • Industrial • Generative AI • Manufacturing
Littleton, Colorado, USA
15 Employees

Canopy was founded to assure access to space by pioneering a new era of advanced manufacturing, starting with the most challenging systems and hardware in the aerospace industry. We are a venture-backed, seed-stage startup developing high-temperature materials for space, defense, and hypersonics applications. We design new material systems, build thermal protection systems (TPS) and 3D print technical ceramics.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Machine Learning • Software • Defense • Data Privacy
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
120 Employees

In the high-stakes world of data unification, Bluestaq emerges not just as a player, but as a pioneering leader. This isn't ordinary data management — it's a fusion of secure ingestion, savvy storage, masterful management, insightful discovery, and strategic data sharing. Envision a world where your data strategies and decision-making processes are not just supported, but significantly enhanced. Bluestaq sketches a vision of the future where your organizational presence spans continents, effortlessly integrating on-premises, cloud-based, and edge systems. It's a global interplay of data, all orchestrated by Bluestaq’s advanced ecosystem. But here's the real breakthrough: Bluestaq isn't just optimizing your operations; it's revolutionizing them. Picture accelerating your data’s journey from raw information to invaluable insights, making it not just a part of your strategy but the cornerstone of it. Bluestaq isn't merely managing your data; it’s elevating it into your organization’s most potent strategic asset. In the world of Bluestaq, data doesn’t just inform; it leads.

Aerospace • Hardware • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
4 Employees

Locus Lock delivers secured, centimeter-accurate positioning with our next-generation GPS/GNSS technology. Join us in providing a reliable, accurate, and intelligent GPS lock for military and commercial use, universally.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Defense • Manufacturing
Denver, Colorado, USA
175 Employees

Beehive Industries is an American manufacturer, technology developer, and innovation partner for defense, aerospace, and related industries. We design, develop, and manufacture industry-defining innovations in the USA, with the ultimate goal of reindustrializing America. For more information, visit beehive-industries.com.

Automotive • Logistics • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software • Defense • Automation
Louisville, Colorado, USA
22 Employees

Stratom is a global leader in the development of unmanned ground vehicles and autonomous robotic systems that solve the most pressing real-world logistics and operational challenges for commercial and defense applications. Specializing in unmanned cargo movement, robotic refueling, robotic hazardous liquid transfer and autonomous mobile robots (AMR), the company’s military-proven tools, methods, technologies and strategic services solve the most difficult logistics and operational challenges. Whether in a safe, controlled settings or dynamic and challenging terrain, Stratom provides unique solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. With its extensive expertise in R&D, engineering and system integration of autonomous technologies and solutions, Stratom, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, is the go-to expert for global corporations, local businesses and government institutions.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Security • Software • Defense
Denver, Colorado, USA
50 Employees

ROC is the only American-made multimodal biometrics and computer vision provider. Trusted by the U.S. military, law enforcement, and leading FinTech brands. We are employee-owned, ethics-driven, and backed by an elite team of national security experts, scientists, and engineers. All our solutions are proudly made in America and built on an industry-leading code of ethics. ROC is headquartered in Denver, CO, with offices in Morgantown, WV, and Grand Rapids, MI. To learn more, visit roc.ai

Design • Appliances • Defense
121 Employees

Visit our online store at MySwitchblade, your go-to online destination for high-quality knives in the United States. Explore our wide selection, which includes premium choices like the well-known Italian Stiletto Switchblades, sturdy American Switchblades, and finely made Boker & Schrade Switchblades. Discover the artistry of our Custom Knives, which come in Fixed Blade and Folder styles to suit a variety of enthusiast tastes. Discover how our Out The Fronts (OTFs) Switchblades combine style and convenience with lightning-fast precision. We at MySwitchblade are proud to offer an extensive selection of superb knives at prices that are affordable. Expand your assortment and become fully engrossed in the unmatched excellence that characterizes our brand.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Cybersecurity • Defense • Manufacturing
141,014 Employees

We’re engineers and technicians. Scientists and thinkers. Innovators and dreamers. Our teams work on advanced technologies that transform aerospace and make a global impact. We’re shaping an environment where everyone is included, respected and supported. We’ll go further together as we manufacture, service and sustain leading defense, space and security systems and commercial jetliners.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Robotics • Software • Consulting • Defense
Boulder, Colorado, USA
8 Employees

Intercreate is a boutique product development and consulting company focussing on hardware and firmware design for embedded systems. We typically work in the consumer industry, along with medical and defense. We've released dozens of products into the world with professional hardware and firmware design on time and on budget.