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Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Conversational AI • Generative AI • SEO
Denver, CO
35 Employees

Matrix Marketing Group helps startups to enterprise-sized companies increase sales while reducing costs using proven AI-driven industry models with Microsoft, HubSpot, and Google technologies. Matrix Marketing Group has revolutionized the digital world, crafting innovative solutions for clients that bring their marketing strategies into the 21st century. Data and A.I.-powered digital marketing systems, modern design techniques, process optimization efforts, and more have helped businesses tap into a new age of success with captivating experiences leading to unmatched growth potential. Our consulting and professional services align well with the following industries. Matrix Marketing Group's professional team takes a unique approach to building project teams by focusing on culture. With an emphasis on creating efficient, data-driven problem-solvers, every professional is empowered through this comprehensive program, creating the perfect working environment for productive collaboration! AI-Digital Marketing Services and Systems are here for professional services.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Conversational AI • Big Data Analytics
Palo Alto, CA
100 Employees

Engage and Interact with Your Audience Using Decktopus's Interactive Features Decktopus empowers presenters to actively engage their audience with its interactive features. From live polls and surveys to interactive Q&A sessions, Decktopus encourages participation and fosters meaningful interactions, transforming your presentations into immersive experiences.