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Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Analytics
Fully Remote
12 Employees

ScatterSpoke is an agile retrospective tool that allows anyone to quickly launch and share a retro with team members.  Team members post anonymous feedback in real-time, vote on issues, create groups, and identify action items. Issues and common themes that impact the team are visible and easy to escalate through the Team Pulse Report. Patterns over time and across the organization are all in one place, making improvements actionable and impactful.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Payments
40 Employees

Auditoria.AI is redefining the Enterprise Finance back-office. Auditoria increases the speed, accuracy, and productivity of finance teams with powerful SmartFlow Skills to automate, analyze, audit, and collaborate across the modern finance organization with cutting-edge AI, Cognitive RPA, NLP, and ML technologies. Transform your finance back office, improve accuracy, and accelerate decision making. Deliver key insights in minutes and minimize errors in critical business tasks. With Auditoria, finance teams regain hours and days of lost time each month. Auditoria enables audit readiness with insights that alert you to accounting and audit infractions. Streamline your shared services costs by at least 35% over three years, and accomplish more with an intelligent digital automation infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
Fully Remote
220 Employees

Our mission is to help developers leverage communications data and build features that increase customer engagement, productivity, and retention.

Edtech • Kids + Family • Natural Language Processing • Social Impact
45 Employees

LENA is a national nonprofit on a mission to help communities accelerate language development in children birth to three, in order to improve their cognitive, social, and emotional health and to close opportunity gaps. We provide early language programs powered by our core “talk pedometer” technology.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Louisville, Colorado, USA
5 Employees

We’re on a mission to transform access to custom software using explainable AI capable of human-level reasoning and dialogue. We envision a future where custom, flexible, and durable software is democratized and accessible to everyone. We are a VC-funded startup founded by repeat founders, building a product in a new category. Realizing this vision requires AI that reasons over and continuously learns an unbounded and customized knowledge base. It requires AI that, when given a task, determines missing information, asks clarifying questions, and highlights assumptions. It requires AI that explains its reasoning and validates its answers. We don’t see evidence that the current paradigm of ever-larger deep learning language models can realize this vision. So our approach combines the strengths of deep learning in dealing with noisy and ambiguous data with the strengths of symbolic AI in explainable reasoning and data-efficient learning. We believe that this neuro-symbolic flavor of AI will enable more useful and reliable applications in the long term. Building startups is rewarding but hard work, especially at the technological frontier. We play hard in the Colorado front-range, whether it be hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or trail-running. But we also know that building out the vision that excites us won't be easy and will need hard work and enthusiasm. If, like us, you are skeptical of the AI status quo and are excited to develop its next chapter in a driven and product-focused team, reach out to us or check out our open positions.

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Consulting • Generative AI
Fully Remote
1 Employees

Reins AI harnesses human ingenuity to guide Generative AI and disperse knowledge for better innovation. We create solutions that help decision-makers through implementers confront the uncertainties of Generative AI investment. Whether you are just embarking on your AI journey or are already analyzing results to determine your course, Reins AI offers a suite of solutions to guide you. We will help you meet the next wave of digital transformation, with simple pricing and easy contracting for the steps you need to take now.

Natural Language Processing • Software
31 Employees

AlchemyAPI’s mission is to power a new generation of smart applications that understand human language and vision by democratizing breakthroughs in deep learning-based artificial intelligence. High-performance cloud services for real time text and image analysis give companies easy access to the intelligence needed to transform vast amounts of unst

Artificial Intelligence • HR Tech • Natural Language Processing • Professional Services
14 Employees

Jobber Group wants to change the way the world works by helping leaders understand, optimize and align their human capital to drive business success. We help companies identify patterns of character traits within their top performing employees and operationalize a plan to leverage psychographics and data to effectively build their organization.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing

Hyperia's Artificial Intelligence is transforming B2B communications. We capture and extract key events from calls, meetings, and client conversations, empowering your team to understand and enhance every step of the customer journey. The company is founded by an exec team that has built and sold multiple technology companies, held leadership positions at venture-funded startups and Fortune 500 corporations, and developed products in enterprise security, speech AI, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Healthtech • Natural Language Processing
650 Employees

LITSLINK is no typical app development company; we’ve won awards, released hundreds of apps, and solved business and technology problems for over 200 clients. We bring innovation and achievement to every job we do, and we have numerous awards to prove our ongoing dedication to delivering outstanding results on time, whether you need DevOps, front or backend development, or smart planning.

Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing • Software
7 Employees

Collective Intelligence is a marketing content company that uses internal crowdsourcing to find new content ideas while also empowering the employees at a company. We break down the silo marketing departments too often finds themselves in.

Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing

With the voice revolution here, Speechmatics has used its decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), available in private or public clouds and securely on-premises.