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Greentech • Hardware • Internet of Things • PropTech • Utilities
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SimpleSUB Water is at the forefront of innovating water metering for multi-unit properties, championing water conservation and transparent billing. Our Z1 Flow Meter, adept at filling the gap where traditional inline meters fall short due to cost or the invasiveness of pipe cutting, offers a practical and efficient solution. This over-the-pipe device delivers accurate water usage data via cloud based software, enabling users to gain crucial insights and promoting environmentally responsible water use. In the vast landscape of shared water systems, where tens of millions of units struggle with fair billing, SimpleSUB Water is a game changer. Our technology allows for precise, unit-level metering, ensuring that each resident is billed fairly based on actual water usage. This not only fosters billing transparency but also drives water conservation, as users become more conscious of their consumption. The impact of SimpleSUB Water extends beyond individual units to the broader environmental context. By providing a viable solution for millions of properties, we are significantly contributing to global water conservation efforts. Our technology transcends the limitations of traditional meters, paving the way for a future where water use is both sustainable and equitable.