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Cloud • Enterprise Web • Internet of Things • Robotics • Semiconductor
Centennial, CO
20,000 Employees

A Fortune 500 company, ranked #104 in 2022, with over 20,700 employees worldwide, Arrow guides innovation forward for over 220,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2021 sales of $34.48 billion, Arrow develops technology solutions that improve business and daily life. Arrow.com is the easiest place for innovators to create, make and manage technology.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Mobile • On-Demand • Software
Denver, CO
93,000 Employees

Our Product and Technology team creates, develops, and operates the nation’s fastest mobile service, most reliable internet service, most viewed live TV app, and the most advanced WiFi, serving nearly 100 million users and 500 million devices. We are transforming the next era of connectivity and entertainment experiences together.   The diversity of experience available within Spectrum’s Product and Technology team is unmatched and there are opportunities to grow your career as a designer, architect, engineer, developer, operator, or data scientist.  We are creative, disciplined, hard-working, complex-problem solvers that believe in collaborating to deliver the highest quality customer experience.

Consumer Web • Internet of Things • Retail
Denver, CO
260 Employees

Identity Digital is the NOT dot com. Identity Digital holds the world's largest portfolio of new top-level domains (TLDs), which includes names such as .CAREERS, .SUPPORT, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .CAFE, .PIZZA, .SOCIAL, .WORLD, .LIVE, .TRAVEL, .FAN and .CHARITY.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Internet of Things • Software • Analytics • Cybersecurity • Industrial
Broomfield, CO
100,000 Employees

Cat Digital is the digital and technology arm of Caterpillar Inc., responsible for bringing digital capabilities to our world-famous yellow iron. With over one million connected assets worldwide, our teams use data, technology, advanced analytics and AI capabilities to help our customers build a better world.

eCommerce • Internet of Things • Software
Fully Remote
42 Employees

Rachio is a mission-based startup advancing the smart home outside, through conservation and connection. A category leader within the smart home industry, Rachio creates innovative technology and solutions that enliven the outside space of any home through exceptional products, data-driven personalized recommendations and an unmatched user experience. Together, the Rachio community has saved *175 billion* gallons of water - and counting.

Cloud • Internet of Things • Security • Software
Colorado, CO
470 Employees

Verkada protects people, assets, and privacy in physical spaces with its hybrid cloud security solution that makes it simple to manage devices at scale. Our vision is to power the modern, integrated building of the future.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software
Colorado Springs, CO
2,100 Employees

In December of 2020, Intelsat completed its acquisition of the Commercial Aviation business of Gogo, creating the world’s leading provider of inflight broadband connectivity to the commercial aviation industry. Our offerings bring worldwide inflight Wi-Fi services that make internet and video entertainment a regular part of flying. We are a diverse and mission-minded group of professionals all working together in extraordinary harmony. And that’s just the beginning. We connect the aviation industry and air travelers with innovative technology and applications, and we do it all in a high-energy, Metra and L-friendly environment that welcomes the next challenge. Be prepared to join a performance-obsessed team that is passionate about bringing the internet to every device, every flight, everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Machine Learning
Westminster, CO
50 Employees

Visionify is a leading Vision AI solutions provider, specializing in workplace safety and compliance solutions. Our mission is to transform traditional workplace environments, emphasizing safety as a culture, not just a protocol. Unlike conventional CCTV systems that simply record events, our Vision AI solutions seamlessly integrate with existing CCTV infrastructure to proactively detect risks in real-time. Available on Azure Marketplace, our suite addresses over 60 workplace safety scenarios. We help businesses detect hazards and suspicious activities before they escalate, ensuring both safety and regulatory compliance. This not only prevents potential incidents but also boosts overall profitability. Our dedicated team of computer vision and machine learning experts collaborates closely with clients, customizing solutions to their specific safety needs. At Visionify, we believe in building partnerships with businesses to foster a lasting culture of safety. Join us in our mission to elevate workplace safety standards.

Big Data • Hardware • Insurance • Internet of Things • Logistics
Denver, CO
67 Employees

Parsyl is an insurance technology company that delivers data-driven cargo insurance solutions for essential supply chains including vaccines and medicines, perishable foods and other sensitive goods. Our mission is to end the days of “ship and pray” and build a world where everyone, everywhere can trust the quality of the goods they rely on, from the foods they eat to the medicines they need. We are working to achieve this by combining smart sensors, data insights, and data-driven insurance to improve risk resiliency and safeguard goods in transit and storage. This unique combination of IoT and insurance means our customers can use data to make supply chains more transparent, safe and sustainable - better for people and the planet.

Internet of Things
8 Employees

We transform ordinary surfaces into wireless charging surfaces that power multiple devices. Think conference room tables, workstations, desks, kitchen counters, drone pads, medical device carts, power tool benches, etc.

Cloud • Healthtech • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software • Consulting
Crested Butte, CO
12 Employees

Pando Telecom is a B2B firm headquartered in Crested Butte, Colorado. We are a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider for commercial enterprise industries. We deliver communication solutions that serve business functions, drive innovation and revenue, and create a seamless integration of connected people and things. Pando's services include turn-key wireless solutions, RF design, project management, engineering, commissioning, and software support. Our primary focus is customer relationships and satisfaction. We offer products, services, and programs that engage the customer from inception until completion throughout the lifecycle. We love what we do, and it shows. Our work environment is fast-paced, flexible, and rewarding. At Pando, we ensure the built environment serves people like trees in a forest—seamlessly connected at the roots. Our name was inspired by the networks of trees—specifically Aspen trees. Our headquarters is next to one of the largest Aspen groves in the world - also known as a Pando.

Computer Vision • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software • Transportation
Denver, CO
15 Employees

Blissway is a transportation tech startup founded by Stanford grads that uses machine learning and IoT to simplify the collection of tolls and improve road safety. Backed by Y Combinator –the famed startup accelerator– and some of the best investors in Silicon Valley, we have been developing and testing our technology with the Colorado Department of Transportation and transportation agencies from five other states. Having recently been awarded a large contract in Denver, we are looking to expand our team as we scale.

Aerospace • Big Data • Internet of Things • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Denver, CO
14 Employees

Urban Sky is revolutionizing the earth observation industry. We're a new venture-backed stealth startup that's pioneering an entirely new category of high-altitude vehicle we call the 'Microballoon.' Our small, reusable high-altitude balloons will capture the highest resolution, freshest, lowest cost broad area earth observation data in the world.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Retail • Security • Software • Business Intelligence
Denver, CO
150 Employees

At Auror, we’re empowering the retail industry to reduce theft and Organized Retail Crime, a $150 billion problem globally. It’s high volume crime that’s increasingly organized in nature and is putting people, retailers, and communities at risk every day. Founded in New Zealand, we’re working with some of the best and largest retailers in the world across Australasia, North America, and the UK. Auror connects people with intelligence to reduce crime. As a company, we’ve built a high-performing, positive culture with a focus on providing an inclusive environment for a diverse team. If you’re excited about reducing crime and building safer communities, for everyone, then we want you on our team.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Internet of Things • Software
Fully Remote
25 Employees

Iterate.ai is an open innovation company that offers a cloud-based, end-to-end digital innovation platform for enterprises. The patent-pending platform spans from our Evaluation Cloud to our Execution Cloud. The Evaluation Cloud, powered by our proprietary AI search engine, monitors emerging technology trends - and creates associations between startups and enterprise opportunities. Our Execution Cloud - a low-code Microservices platform - allows enterprises to experiment rapidly and launch and sustain production-ready apps and services 10X faster than usual.

Enterprise Web • Internet of Things • Mobile • Software • Design
Broomfield, CO
20 Employees

Tack is a mobile design and development company based in Denver, Colorado. We design and build software for mobile and connected devices for our clients, with a focus on user experience. Our capabilities extend beyond the device to web, service integration, and strategy. A foundational principle of Tack Mobile is curating an environment to attract, retain, and grow talented designers and developers. Our clients leverage our culture to achieve what otherwise simply couldn't be done. Our team members are well-rounded individuals who enjoy creating beautiful work in a team environment. We are successful at solving our clients' challenges because we love what we do, and our work reflects it.

Greentech • Hardware • Internet of Things • Social Impact • Software
Denver, CO
150 Employees

Project Canary is the leading provider of on-demand climate insights for emission-intensive companies. Our company provides operational insights, emissions data, and Verified Climate Attributes™ to decarbonize energy systems by integrating sensor data with real-time portal and in-depth data analytics. We are the leaders of independently verified climate credentials that support investment, safety, reporting, and disclosure actions. Initially, we are focused on the energy industry. With thousands of energy assets analyzed and hundreds of environmental and air quality sensors currently deployed, Project Canary is positioned better than anyone to provide empirical emissions data—and we have the ARR and growing pains to prove it. Founded in 2019, Project Canary, PBC has quickly gained recognition as a major mover in the continuous monitoring space. Through a mission driven approach Project Canary uses dynamic means for cross team collaboration to achieve our very best for our planet and people alike. Here are some highlights from last year: Fundraise totaling $121M Series A of $10M in 2021 Series B of $111M in 2022 Certified as a B-Corporation with a score of 107.6 & ranked in the top 5% in 2 categories 2022 Best Company to Work For by both the Denver Business Journal and the Denver Post Headcount growth by 3X in 2022 and growing

Greentech • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software • Energy
Denver, CO
7 Employees

ACTuate is a clean energy tech company delivering energy efficiency and resource optimization solutions to small-to-midsize buildings with repeatable footprints across the country. Through deployment of our innovative hardware and software solutions, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and manage their business resources in a more effective and efficient manner. We are a small and growing company looking to add a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of talented and creative individuals to help scale our proven-technologies and develop new ways of helping our customers reduce the carbon footprints of their buildings. Our solutions are at a unique intersection of industries including clean-energy technology, software and data analytics, facilities maintenance, and mechanical and electrical trades.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Professional Services • Software
Louisville, CO
400 Employees

Rogue Wave helps enterprises worldwide build, connect and secure applications and deliver them to customers with speed. Our 400+ employees span across 13 offices worldwide and are empowered to fix problems, make decisions, and take action in solving our customers' toughest and most complex challenges, but most importantly we have fun doing it!

Internet of Things • Machine Learning
Denver, CO
16 Employees

Josh.ai is a Denver based Artificial Intelligence company in the smart home automation space. Learn more at www.josh.ai