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Aerospace • Hardware • Professional Services • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
Longmont, Colorado, USA
420 Employees

Honeybee Robotics specializes in creating novel exploration systems for the most extreme environments and advanced motion control solutions for NASA, defense, and commercial programs. Our work has played a critical role in thousands of projects spanning from conceptual design studies to flight missions, including NASA's Artemis I Mission and the Roman Space Telescope. We look to "Touch Life" by supporting planetary science, including every NASA Mars rover since Spirit and Opportunity. We aim to "Mine the Sky" through the development of practical In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions.

Broomfield, Colorado, USA
40 Employees

Biofire Technologies is on a mission to give gun owners better tools for reducing preventable gun injuries and deaths, especially among children and teens. Our mission-driven approach has earned support from the firearm community, the tech world, and the media.

Aerospace • Hardware • Information Technology • Mobile • Software
420 Employees

Gogo Business Aviation is the world’s leading provider of broadband connectivity services for the business aviation market. We offer a customizable suite of smart cabin systems for highly integrated connectivity, inflight entertainment, and voice solutions – innovations that help people in the air stay fully connected to their work, life and entertainment on the ground. Gogo created the inflight connectivity revolution, and we continue to be the driving force behind breakthroughs that redefine the inflight experience for business aviation passengers, pilots, and operators, with technologies like our Gogo AVANCE platform, the first 5G network for business aviation, our global broadband solution, and our best-in-class customer service. We do it all: Networks, Systems, Services, and Support. With a comprehensive product portfolio like this one, Gogo Business Aviation leads the industry in the latest technology and introduces new functionality that has never been created before. Situated in Broomfield, Colorado, between Denver and Boulder, Gogo Business Aviation is also a world-class company with a working culture to match. At Gogo, our diverse blend of employees are our greatest asset, keeping us innovative and passionate. Our employees contribute to the success of the company while maintaining the flexibility to work towards their own professional and personal goals. If you are a someone with big ideas that wants to work for an industry-leading aviation technology company, check out our careers website at https://business.gogoair.com/careers/.

Aerospace • Hardware
Lafayette, Colorado, USA
55 Employees

Today, satellites cannot be refueled. A single-use paradigm severely limits satellite mobility and holds back the development of economic activities in space. Orbit Fab is building the first Gas Stations in Space™ refueling infrastructure. We develop the supply chain architecture and technology to deliver propellant in space, allowing satellites to be built for lower cost, to be more flexible and maneuverable, to be more precisely controlled, and to operate longer, enabling operations and business models that have never before been imagined..

Aerospace • Hardware • Information Technology • Security • Software • Defense
93,000 Employees

Improving the future and protecting lives is an ambitious mission, but it’s what we do at BAE Systems. A career here means using your passion and ingenuity to defend national security with breakthrough technology and intelligence solutions. It’s rewarding work that truly makes a difference. And as you tackle critical projects, you’ll work alongside a supportive team – driven by a shared ambition to protect what really matters. At BAE Systems, you’ll find an extraordinary career where you can realize your true potential.

Aerospace • Hardware • Information Technology • Robotics
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
2,000 Employees

Sierra Space is building a shared ecosystem in space for scientific collaboration and innovation to benefit life on Earth. With technologies that make space more affordable and accessible, we’re dedicated to creating a prosperous and secure space economy that will benefit all of humanity. Rapidly advancing toward the launch of the next generation of space transportation, the world’s first winged commercial spaceplane, the Dream Chaser®, will perform cargo supply and return missions for NASA - delivering up to 12,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) at a time. Sierra Space is also the developer of the Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) Habitat, a modular, three-story commercial habitation and science platform. The unique structure will provide opportunities for multiple businesses including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors, to optimize zero gravity benefits. The Dream Chaser Spaceplane and LIFE platform are central components of the joint partnership Orbital Reef commercial space station and mixed-use business park being developed in partnership with Blue Origin.

Fitness • Hardware • Mobile • Software • Sports • Transportation • eSports
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
4,500 Employees

Founded in Chicago in 1987 by Stan Day, SRAM, LLC has grown to be one of the world's largest bicycle component manufacturers. Today, we are led by CEO, Ken Lousberg, and Stan Day serves as Chairman of our Board. SRAM’s global footprint helps us bring cycling to every corner of the globe, including your local roads and trails. We design and manufacture bicycle components, including shifters, derailleurs, brakes, chains, suspension, and power meters. Our components are used by bicycle manufacturers, distributors, and bicycle retailers. Read the full history of SRAM: https://www.sram.com/en/company/about/history

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Sales
Longmont, Colorado, USA
95 Employees

Humanity has lost touch with nature - we’ve traded dirt and trees for asphalt, and we rely on loud, polluting, gas-powered machines to care for our limited natural spaces. At Scythe, we’re reinventing how we care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines that unlock a new superpower: the ability to care for the outdoors pollution-free at enormous scale. From today’s first steps in landscape maintenance to full-fledged re-terraforming in the future, Scythe is pioneering autonomous machinery that supports the ingenuity of humans, multiplying our power to nurture our planet.

eCommerce • Fintech • Hardware • Payments • Software • Financial Services
Boulder, Colorado, USA
12,000 Employees

Since we opened our doors in 2009, the world of commerce has evolved immensely, and so has Square. After enabling anyone to take payments and never miss a sale, we saw sellers stymied by disparate, outmoded products and tools that wouldn’t work together. So we expanded into software and started building integrated, omnichannel solutions – to help sellers sell online, manage inventory, offer buy now, pay later functionality through Afterpay, book appointments, engage loyal buyers, and hire and pay staff. Across it all, we’ve embedded financial services tools at the point of sale, so merchants can access a business loan and manage their cash flow in one place. Afterpay furthers our goal to provide omnichannel tools that unlock meaningful value and growth, enabling sellers to capture the next generation shopper, increase order sizes, and compete at a larger scale. Today, we are a partner to sellers of all sizes – large, enterprise-scale businesses with complex operations, sellers just starting, as well as merchants who began selling with Square and have grown larger over time. As our sellers grow, so do our solutions. There is a massive opportunity in front of us. We’re building a significant, meaningful, and lasting business, and we are helping sellers worldwide do the same.

Greentech • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software • Energy
Denver, Colorado, USA
7 Employees

ACTuate is a clean energy tech company delivering energy efficiency and resource optimization solutions to small-to-midsize buildings with repeatable footprints across the country. Through deployment of our innovative hardware and software solutions, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and manage their business resources in a more effective and efficient manner. We are a small and growing company looking to add a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of talented and creative individuals to help scale our proven-technologies and develop new ways of helping our customers reduce the carbon footprints of their buildings. Our solutions are at a unique intersection of industries including clean-energy technology, software and data analytics, facilities maintenance, and mechanical and electrical trades.

3D Printing • Hardware • Software

Vitro3D is a pioneering company revolutionizing additive manufacturing with its groundbreaking High Dimensionality Volumetric Additive Manufacturing (HD-VAM) process. This innovative technology utilizes proprietary software and inexpensive hardware to enable the mass customization and manufacturing of end-use parts. Unlike traditional 3D printing methods, HD-VAM is faster, more flexible, and capable of creating complex parts in mere seconds. The company's proprietary volumetric 3D printing method overcomes the limitations of photopolymer 3D printing by printing larger and more intricate items through its novel cartridge-based geometry. Vitro3D is initially focused on disrupting the dental aligner manufacturing industry, as well as advancing 3D cell culture and tissue engineering through the production of scaffolds. Vitro3D leverages novel algorithms, proprietary hardware, and materials science to push the boundaries of manufacturing possibilities. This technology has the potential to transform various industries, including electronic components, audiology, and tissue/regenerative engineering. In essence, Vitro3D is not only reshaping the future of manufacturing but also spearheading a new era of innovation, where intricate custom medical products and other complex structures can be rapidly and efficiently manufactured, offering unprecedented possibilities for industries and consumers alike.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Defense • Industrial • Generative AI • Manufacturing
Littleton, Colorado, USA
15 Employees

Canopy was founded to assure access to space by pioneering a new era of advanced manufacturing, starting with the most challenging systems and hardware in the aerospace industry. We are a venture-backed, seed-stage startup developing high-temperature materials for space, defense, and hypersonics applications. We design new material systems, build thermal protection systems (TPS) and 3D print technical ceramics.

Digital Media • Hardware • Marketing Tech • Software • Business Intelligence
Lafayette, Colorado, USA
57 Employees

TouchSource delivers simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people. Our captivating digital displays and IoT-connected directory solutions improve the experience of tenants, visitors and retail shoppers. We create intelligent digital experiences in residential, business, retail and public spaces with relevant, engaging content that moves people where it matters. Our digital signage solutions are simple to deploy, easy to use and low effort to maintain. We take the pain out of technology change as you upgrade your spaces with beautifully designed, functionally fit digital signs and directories.

Big Data • Hardware • Insurance • Internet of Things • Logistics
Denver, Colorado, USA
67 Employees

Parsyl is an insurance technology company that delivers data-driven cargo insurance solutions for essential supply chains including vaccines and medicines, perishable foods and other sensitive goods. Our mission is to end the days of “ship and pray” and build a world where everyone, everywhere can trust the quality of the goods they rely on, from the foods they eat to the medicines they need. We are working to achieve this by combining smart sensors, data insights, and data-driven insurance to improve risk resiliency and safeguard goods in transit and storage. This unique combination of IoT and insurance means our customers can use data to make supply chains more transparent, safe and sustainable - better for people and the planet.

Hardware • Retail • Software • Wearables
Boulder, Colorado, USA
165,000 Employees

Apple is a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continually reimagining what’s possible to help us all do what we love in new ways. The people who work here have reinvented entire industries with the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as with services, including iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

Aerospace • Hardware
Louisville, Colorado, USA
95 Employees

Tendeg LLC is a premier spacecraft deployables company. Our novel designs are enabling exciting missions providing high gain antennas for sensor applications and communications. We have multiple antennas on-orbit and numerous flight deliverables occurring in 2022. Our missions include Earth Science (weather, surface deformation and change); LEO, GEO and lunar communications; synthetic aperture radar; and unique radio frequency sensors for commercial and government applications. We have apertures from 50cm to 20m, L-band to Q/V-band, and precise 2-axis gimbals.

Hardware • Manufacturing
Englewood, Colorado, USA
100 Employees

Digicomm Internationals is a leading international supplier of CATV equipment and cable plant operations products & parts. Since 1993, we have treated our customers as strategic partners, helping them keep up with the rigorous demands of their cable plant operations. Our reach is unsurpassed, with fast delivery to 36 countries across 5 continents. Digicomm’s goal of maintaining 100% customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our significant investment in inventory for immediate shipment, on-time delivery performance, and engineering resources. Digicomm's 250,000-sq-ft distribution facility, the largest of its kind in the CATV industry, is stocked with the latest equipment, ready for immediate shipping around the globe. Our extensive inventory of value-added broadband equipment includes over 50,000 parts in stock from the world's leading manufacturers, among them Cisco, Corner Gilbert, Preformed Line Products and more. Our products are backed by Digicomm's technical and engineering expertise, developed over more than 20 years servicing the CATV industry. Digicomm is different. We back our extensive product inventory with superior pricing and same-day shipping. We can help keep your projects on schedule through immediate fulfillment, technical support, design services, and world class engineering support.

Hardware • Information Technology • Software
Lakewood, Colorado, USA
61 Employees

Headquartered in Lakewood, CO, Mersive Technologies is a profitable, high-growth software company. Our wireless collaboration product suite creates productive meeting experiences while enabling compelling group interaction and increased engagement. We work with high-profile companies and universities across the globe.

Cloud • Hardware • Internet of Things • Security
25 Employees

ISONAS is an emerging technology company that believes access control belongs on the network. We design and manufacture the future of the access control market with our revolutionary hardware and cloud-based software. We are a group of quick-witted entrepreneurs backed by a global leader in the safety and security industry, Allegion. (NYSE: ALLE)

Hardware • Kids + Family • Mobile • Software
4 Employees

We have innovative technology and disruptive ideas that empower parents to teach their children safe and healthy digital habits. Based in Denver, we have a strong 3 person founding team with 10 decades of combined experience in new business leadership, technical innovation, consumer marketing, product strategy, and child development.