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Automotive • Hardware • Mobile • Sharing Economy • Software
Denver, Colorado, USA
376 Employees

Fluid Truck is an on-demand commercial vehicle rental platform that offers 24/7 mobile access to a wide array of trucks, vans, electric vehicles, and more, to help businesses and individuals move better at the tap of a button. Launched in 2016, Fluid Truck is used nationally by businesses of all sizes to flexibly and affordably build their fleet, manage employee scheduling on-the-go, and activate zero-emission last mile delivery services, free from the hassles of ownership. Fluid Truck has raised $64 million from leading VCs including Ingka Investments, part of IKEA, and NEA. To learn more or to instantly book a vehicle, please visit www.fluidtruck.com or the Fluid Truck App on the App Store and Google Play. #TruckYeah Fluid Truck is growing at an insane rate. According to Inc Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list, we are the fifth fast-growing company in the U.S. in the transportation and logistics industry. We’ve grown from 5 employees in 2018 to 460 employees to date in 2022. We are on track to exceed our goal of bringing 1,500 tech jobs to Denver in 8 years. Our innovations have earned us 7 awards so far in 2022 and counting. We won the Top 100 best mid-size companies to work for in Colorado in 2022 according to Built In. Denver Post voted us one of the “Best Places to Work in Colorado” based on employee feedback. In April, we were recognized nationally for our culture, specifically in the categories of innovation, purpose and values, and leadership by Top Workplaces based on the results of an independent survey of our employees. Leaders and employees in our company have been recognized nationally for their success in our organization. In March, Women in Trucking recognized our co-founder, Jenifer Snyder, as one of the “Top Women to Watch in Trucking” in the U.S. In April, our CEO was recognized by ColoradoBiz Magazine as Colorado’s top CEO in 2022. Lastly, Built In recognized Sam Macllwaine, a software engineer, as one of the top 100 women across the tech industry because of her outstanding contributions at Fluid Truck.

On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Software

Laborjack is an online platform that connects hardworking college students to those in need of labor assistance.

Fintech • Machine Learning • Sharing Economy • Big Data Analytics
Denver, Colorado, USA
900 Employees

Over the past ten years, Funding Circle has built a machine learning and technology platform that is changing the way small businesses access the financing they need to grow. Business owners can complete a loan application and receive a decision in a matter of minutes, enabling them to get funding quickly at an affordable rate. When small businesses succeed, they create jobs, support local communities, and drive the economy forward - that’s why we care about helping them win. To us, nothing is more important.

Legal Tech • Sharing Economy
Longmont, Colorado, USA
30 Employees

Docketly is dedicated to providing the most efficient, cost-effective, and friendly process for hearing coverage. Our smart, automated system leverages agile technology to streamline hearing coverage management for our clients and utilizes a vetted network of attorneys to cover hearings throughout the United States.

Blockchain • Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy
7 Employees

Notional is a decentralized protocol for fixed rate, fixed term lending and borrowing of crypto assets on Ethereum. Users can lend or borrow stablecoins at fixed rates of interest for terms of up to six months using a variety of assets as collateral. Notional achieves fixed rate lending via a primitive called fCash, which is redeemable for an underlying currency like DAI upon the fCash token’s maturity date. Notional operates specialized liquidity pools that allow users to efficiently trade cash for fCash and vice versa. The exchange rate that a user receives on their trade implies a fixed rate of interest from the time of trade until the fCash token’s maturity. Notional is flexible and configurable. The protocol can add additional assets for lending and borrowing, additional collateral types, and additional maturities beyond six months. The community intends to broaden Notional’s scope over time to include a wider array of supported assets and extended available maturities. Notional prioritizes security. The protocol team works with industry leaders to ensure that the smart contracts are technically secure and that the economic assumptions applied in the protocol’s design are sound.

Mobile • Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Social Media
35 Employees

Radius Agent is the fastest growing mobile network revolutionizing the Real Estate industry. Our platform enables Realtors to generate leads and close deals as part of a trusted network of industry professionals. Radius is funded by NFX (Lead Investor - Pete Flint, former CEO of Trulia), Sierra Ventures and Cota Capital.

Healthtech • Sharing Economy
2 Employees

A condom delivery company, using a unique method that allows the condom to arrive in record time, and offers jobs to many.

Real Estate • Sharing Economy
4 Employees

Roomdock is a house sharing and apartment rental website designed to support the specific needs of international students. The idea was born through the vision and experience of its founder, Smith Tanny, a former foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Think of Roomdock as your all-in-one platform for an international room sharing experience.

On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Transportation • Travel
15 Employees

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, StraightLine Private Air has created a simple platform to provide the freedom and convenience of private air travel to more people than ever before. We offer an innovative business model with acclaimed member service and innovative technology.

Automotive • Sharing Economy • Transportation
1 Employees

Garagetime helps apartment-dwelling motor enthusiasts find DIY automotive workspace. The platform allows home and commercial garage owners get paid for sharing their space, and connect with motor enthusiasts.

Cloud • Information Technology • Productivity • Security • Sharing Economy • Software • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA
1,700 Employees

Buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions with the marketplace that fuels your business. Our born-in-the-cloud platform modernizes the channel’s cloud journey with consolidated billing, automated provisioning, and industry-leading PSA integrations. And our technology is backed by responsive support, educational offerings, and the resources you need to grow your cloud business. Pax8 has displaced legacy distribution by connecting the channel ecosystem to our award-winning cloud marketplace. If you want to be successful with the cloud, you want to work with Pax8.

Other • Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Travel
Fully Remote
35 Employees

Equity Estates is a private equity fund that owns luxury vacation homes around the world for the private use and financial gain of its investors. With offices in Denver and Atlanta, we are the largest Luxury Residence Fund with over 400 investors around the world and over $100 million of assets under management.

Co-Working Space or Incubator • Payments • Sharing Economy
4 Employees

Creative Density provides a shared and collaborative coworking and office space for mobile professionals, freelancers, and start-ups that are tired of working from home or the coffee house. You get everything you need to be productive, but a community of friendly and smart people to share a coffee with.

eCommerce • Sharing Economy

GetOutfitted is a web service that rents and demos premium outdoor gear for easy, one-time use. Founded in 2013, GetOutfitted started out renting ski clothes & accessories but has now grown to include Oru Kayaks, Onewheels, Tentsile tree tents, camping equipment, and more.

Productivity • Professional Services • Sharing Economy • Transportation • Travel
1 Employees

Garage Time was created to help DIY auto and motorcycle enthusiasts find appropriate space to work on their vehicles, while helping garage owners earn money on an underutilized asset. Maintaining or modifying your vehicle without space or access to tools is hard. We want to help solve these issues.

Sharing Economy
3 Employees

Hauler Inc is an on-demand delivery & moving company. It's a platform that connects Movers with a friend with a pickup truck. We are a local moving company that solves the problem "If only I had a truck right now..." Become a Driver today and help your neighbors deliver large items, help them move, and help them with their projects.

eCommerce • Sharing Economy
3 Employees

Lend Me Your Gear is the world’s largest rental community. A marketplace where people can rent anything from anyone. We all own things we need, but rarely use. We also need things, but don’t want to always buy. Lend Me Your Gear provides a safe, secure, and powerful marketplace to make better use of our collective belongings.

Real Estate • Sharing Economy
4 Employees

STOW IT is a peer to peer marketplace for vehicle storage. We help people find indoor & outdoor vehicle storage near them. STOW IT connects people with extra space to those looking for car, trailer, RV, boat, & vehicle storage.

Blockchain • Sharing Economy
50 Employees

Holo is a community of passionate humans building a distributed cloud, owned and run by users like you and me. We believe in the power of a truly peer-to-peer Internet.

On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Transportation
200 Employees

To improve how everyone gets around, one car journey at a time. By uniting people through transport and tech, we're making cities feel small and roads more open. For us, the future of driving is community-driven... and it all starts here.