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Artificial Intelligence • Software • Database
Fully Remote
75 Employees

Flatfile, the pioneer of AI-assisted data exchange, provides companies and their software development teams with the easiest, fastest, and safest way to build the ideal data file import experience for their users. Hundreds of companies such as AstraZeneca, Square or Sage rely on Flatfile’s extensible, API-first platform to create enterprise-scale, intelligent, file-based data import solutions, increase developer productivity, reduce cost and improve data quality.  To start for free and learn how to turn “flat” files into API-ready data visit www.flatfile.com.

Big Data • Cloud • Software • Database
Denver, CO
1,168 Employees

Fivetran is the global leader in modern data integration. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity. Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Fast-moving startups and the world’s largest companies use Fivetran to accelerate modern analytics and operational efficiency, fueling data-driven business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world.

AdTech • Professional Services • Software • Database • Business Intelligence
Loveland, CO
14 Employees

Apparatix is a software company providing systems services for the Out-Of-Home advertising industry. Our cloud-based systems provide full business solutions for billboard owners, street furniture advertisers, and digital billboards/kiosks advertisers. Our tools include industry-setting technology for CRM, operations, accounting, digital billboard ad scheduling, and reporting tools.

Kids + Family • Other • Productivity • Software • Database
Boulder, CO
82 Employees

At Campminder, we build web and mobile enterprise SaaS products that help summer camps streamline their business operations. We support our clients with empathy, humility, and heart. With our values-based decision-making framework, we foster a powerful and fulfilling experience for employees and clients alike. Our #1 priority is employee engagement. Our ‘Minders will tell you their work is fulfilling because of the incredible impact it has on the camps, parents, and campers we serve. We solve complex challenges everyday, connect with and learn from great people, and navigate the journey with our core values as our guide.

Consumer Web • Internet of Things • Machine Learning • Database • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
15 Employees

BrewLogix® is a technology company championing quality on-premise data. Through an integrated suite of products, BrewLogix® helps the craft industry know more, do more, and grow more. BrewLogix® exists to create solutions and enhance the brewery and brew experience for the craft community. We're building an ecosystem to empower the craft beverage community.

Hardware • Software • Wearables • Database • Biotech
Denver, CO
21 Employees

The way most technologies collect data is flawed — they capture isolated snapshots that lead to inaccurate insights, making it impossible to conduct complex analyses. Our patented technology wraps around human and material bodies and collects gapless data to build a comprehensive picture of the body’s behavior that delivers accurate insights. At scale, these insights lead to predictions and learnings that transform how we approach countless problems – from human wellness to industrial performance and much more.

Big Data • Food • Information Technology • Software • Database
Fully Remote
80 Employees

FoodMaven’s mission is to connect food data across the food system and create transparency so that better decisions can be made. We believe this can help make the system better for profits, people, and the planet. Better data leads to better decisions, reduced food waste, and ultimately a better food system. Our team believes that an open and transparent system focused on continuous improvement and accountability can impact any problem. We work to demonstrate that daily. We are a remote team looking for new team members who share our passion for taking on hard problems.

AdTech • Digital Media • eCommerce • Database • Design • SEO
Fully Remote
6 Employees

Phone number: +17202720770 Big Orange Planet is an award-winning Denver web design and development agency. We are a well-rounded team that can handle any project from start to finish, including graphic designs or SEO campaigns in addition to our main business service: website development. Since 2002, we have created highly-protected websites that aren't based on templated systems with their inherent weaknesses. Our clients get free website consultations or other services as part of their contract. We can provide the greatest possible solutions for everyone with our vast array of skills!

Cloud • Information Technology • Database
Fully Remote

We provide Windows server hosting solutions for businesses, including Windows Remote Desktop Hosting (formerly Terminal Server Hosting), MS Access Database Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting (Dell servers), virtual server hosting (vmware), and server colocation services. Our website https://www.RiptideHosting.com shows details of our offerings as well as pricing. We can provide most Microsoft software on a monthly basis to save you the typical large upfront payments - SQL Server, SQL web, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Remote Desktop User licenses, etc. A Windows Remote Desktop hosted server is great for options such as accounting software, business application, MS access databases, and more, to be able to share the applications among many users simultaneously. We enjoy helping people understand their hosting options and have been in business for over 20 years. Call us at 888-282-1883 or [email protected]. 

Agency • eCommerce • Software • Database
Longmont, CO
7 Employees

Machine Learning • Database • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Fully Remote
20 Employees

At Mashey, we are focused on one thing: helping people and companies perform their best with data and analytics. To date we have helped over 100 companies deploy or improve their analytics, enabling people to do more meaningful and impactful work. We’re a fast-growing, self-funded, profitable company and serious about continuing our disciplined growth. Our uniqueness shows in our approach to solutions that drive quick ROI and user adoption. We are constantly honing our craft and learning new technologies and processes, which scratch our curious and creative itches, while allowing us to design and build the best things for our customers.

Cloud • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software • Database
Denver, CO
20 Employees

HarperDB is a globally-distributed edge application platform. It reduces complexity, increases performance, and lowers costs by combining user-defined applications, a high-performance database, and an enterprise-grade streaming broker into a single package. The platform offers unlimited horizontal scale at the click of a button, and synchronizes data across all the nodes in a cluster in milliseconds. HarperDB simplifies the process of delivering applications and the data that drives them to the edge, which dramatically improves both the user experience and total cost of ownership for large-scale applications. Deploying HarperDB on global infrastructure enables a CDN-like solution for enterprise data and applications. HarperDB is partnered with global companies like Akamai, Verizon, AWS, and Lumen to bring a complete solution to the market. Their customers include massive gaming companies, global retailers, digital advertising innovators, and more. HarperDB has over 130K deployments and 15K community members. HarperDB leadership has a deep and diverse background in solving complex tech challenges for organizations from startups up to Fortune 100 companies and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Internet of Things • Database • Consulting
Lakewood, CO
50 Employees

Cloud303 is an Amazon Web Services partner that provides various services including well architected reviews, migration services, billing, CaaS, and other AWS services.

Food • Mobile • Database

Aerospace • Other • Software • Database • Consulting
Boulder , CO
400 Employees

We help clients & partners solve complex information management issues. Our solutions combine best-of-breed technology with trusted domain experts from mission-critical sectors like aviation manufacturing, airline operations, and defense operations.

Productivity • Database

Healthtech • Other • Social Impact • Database • Analytics
Denver, CO
21 Employees

At CCMCN, our mission is to provide services that enable its members and their community partners to succeed as efficient, effective, and accountable systems of care. CCMCN’s vision is that all Coloradans have access to high quality, integrated, accountable health care. Areas of focus include population health, accountable care, shared services, health information technology and clinical quality improvement programming. CCMCN is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of organizational representatives from each of its health center members as well as representation from Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) and clinician representatives. Through working with health centers and community partners, CCMCN provides technological and analytical tools that help create a more comprehensive and collaborative network of care for Coloradans.

Cloud • Database • Analytics • Consulting
Fully Remote
42 Employees

Data Clymer is a next-gen data consultancy enabling clients with trusted, full-stack cloud data and analytic solutions that drive positive business results through data accessibility and actionable insights. Our experienced team of consultants are certified data engineering and analytics experts and provide a highly-personalized level of service to enable data-driven companies like Peet’s Coffee, Thirty Madison, the Big Ten Conference, and the Las Vegas Raiders to unlock the value of data.