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Healthtech • Other • Biotech
Boulder, Colorado, USA
2,300 Employees

By harnessing the power of genetics and technology, Invitae’s (“in-VEE-tay”) mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people. We have helped improve care for hundreds of thousands of patients and their providers by driving down the cost of reliable, comprehensive, and actionable genetic testing. Our platform provides genetic information for use throughout medicine—and throughout life.

Healthtech • Information Technology • Social Impact • Biotech • Design • Manufacturing
Boulder, Colorado, USA
50 Employees

Zynex Monitoring Solutions "ZMS" is a engineering and I.T. branch of Zynex, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZYXI). We invent, research, and engineer non-invasive medical device solutions for monitoring physiological changes. Our premiere FDA-approved product - The Zynex Monitoring System (CM-1500) - is an innovative, non-invasive monitoring device, designed to monitor relative fluid volume changes.

Healthtech • Other • Professional Services • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
46 Employees

At Flagship, we are dedicated to improving the health and safety of patients everywhere by pioneering the most advanced tissue image analysis, clinical support, and diagnostics services that help pharmaceutical companies develop the solutions to treat, manage, and cure the world’s most challenging medical conditions.

Artificial Intelligence • Food • Healthtech • Social Impact • Biotech
Lakewood, Colorado, USA
21 Employees

We optimize your health with precision nourishment. All your nutrients, scientifically optimized to your body’s daily needs, are provided through a diverse variety of delicious entrees, made fresh, locally, & daily. Conveniently available or delivered for less than your average takeout. Enjoy precision nourishment every meal, every day.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

GT Molecular was created to develop new molecular detection technology for cancer research and harmful pathogen detection. We have recently focused these powerful tools on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater to support communities around the country with their monitoring programs. Ultrasensitive Molecular Assays, Digital PCR and qPCR Tests End-to-End solutions for cancer detection and waterborne pathogens including SARS-CoV-2. Detect as little as 1-3 molecules of target DNA

Hardware • Software • Wearables • Database • Biotech
21 Employees

The way most technologies collect data is flawed — they capture isolated snapshots that lead to inaccurate insights, making it impossible to conduct complex analyses. Our patented technology wraps around human and material bodies and collects gapless data to build a comprehensive picture of the body’s behavior that delivers accurate insights. At scale, these insights lead to predictions and learnings that transform how we approach countless problems – from human wellness to industrial performance and much more.

Hardware • Healthtech • Biotech
Boulder, Colorado, USA

At Accure, we are wholly committed to developing revolutionary solutions to provide a long- lasting, durable treatment for acne. We know that acne can have a devastating social, psychological, physical, and economic impact on patients around the world. We are pioneering transformative solutions that will answer this unmet need and have a positive and profound impact on patients and providers worldwide.

Healthtech • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
700 Employees

Amerita, Inc. is a specialty infusion company focused on providing complex pharmaceutical products and clinical services to patients outside of the hospital. This market is expanding rapidly and is driven by increasing healthcare costs that are moving patients into the most cost-effective delivery settings, a growing bio-pharmaceutical pipeline of

Biotech • Pharmaceutical

msGenomics, Inc. (SKINDROID) is a medical technology company leveraging proprietary analytical systems to offer clinical lab testing services to personal wellness-oriented consumers, health consumers (patients), healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Denver, Colorado, USA
129 Employees

Aytu BioPharma (NASDAQ: AYTU) is a dynamic specialty pharmaceutical company with a growing commercial portfolio of prescription medicines addressing complex conditions, with a focus on ADHD and other common conditions. Our evolution has been driven by strategic in-licensing, acquisition-based transactions and organic product growth. As we continue on this trajectory, we continue to evaluate novel therapeutics to in-license or acquire. Our pipeline is highlighted by AR101/enzastaurin, a well-characterized small molecule targeting the treatment of vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS). VEDS is a rare, genetic, life-shortening disease causing catastrophic aortic events and resulting in severe morbidity and death. There are no approved treatments for VEDS. AR101/enzastaurin received Orphan Drug designation from U.S. FDA December of 2021.

3 Employees

IPRX creates success stories in the biotech and life science space. We work with scientists, entrepreneurs and institutions to create opportunities and companies, helping move science from the lab to market. Everyone wants to start, to be, to be a part of, or to own the next success story. We make that happen.

Greentech • Biotech

Front Range Biosciences is a value-driven agricultural biotech company with the mission to improve society by applying science to high-value crops. Our goal is to become a trusted global leader in agricultural technology, coffee, and hemp products using our innovative Clean Stock nurseries, quality breeding programs, and contemporary seed testing.

Healthtech • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Folium Biosciences is the largest, fully and vertically integrated producer of phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil in the world. We are a premier bulk supplier of highly refined PCR hemp oil that can then be used for a multitude of consumer and pharmaceutical product applications.

Cloud • Software • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
11 Employees

Enrich is the leader in biotech and pharmaceutical portfolio management software, used in over half of the top 10 life sciences companies to value and manage portfolios of high risk, high investment assets. Our proprietary suite of tailored analytics and flexible on-demand visualizations are ideally suited for portfolio management.

Software • Biotech
Fully Remote
8 Employees

Pluto's mission is to empower life sciences researchers so that more life-changing discoveries can reach the world. Since launching from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University in 2021, Pluto has grown to become a trusted partner of life sciences organizations around the country ranging from small academic labs to publicly traded biopharma companies. Pluto's cloud-based platform gives scientists the ability to manage all of their data, run bioinformatics analyses, and create interactive and publication-quality visualizations. The platform is currently being used for a wide variety of biological applications, from basic and translational science research, to preclinical research, therapeutics development, and clinical research.

Healthtech • Biotech
Fully Remote
126 Employees

Our Mission Our mission is to unite biopharma, physicians, and patients to transform the standard of care and improve outcomes with personalized diagnostics. Our Vision We envision a world where all critical diseases are diagnosed early and treated quickly with the guidance of personalized diagnostic solutions, so humanity can thrive without the burden of disease.

Boulder, Colorado, USA
25 Employees

AOA Dx is developing the next frontier in early-stage cancer detection through its pioneering work in glycolipids and proprietary biomarker technology. Our revolutionary tumor marker ganglioside platform, GlycoLocate™, is paving the way for life-saving early cancer detection. In a first of its kind, AOA Dx has developed AKRIVIS GD™, an early-stage liquid biopsy test for ovarian cancer, that has proven excellent sensitivity and specificity in a recent study. We foresee novel tumor biomarker gangliosides as the future for diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, and eventually targeted therapies across multiple cancers. AOA Dx was co-founded by three experts and passionate advocates of women’s health, who have worked together at two previous diagnostic startups, that both resulted in successful exits upon commercialization.

Cloud • Healthtech • Internet of Things • Software • Biotech • Consulting • App development
Fully Remote
6 Employees

Ringtail Labs is a full-stack engineering consulting firm. We help teams launch new products, fix issues in their existing products, and build a positive engineering culture. Our services include circuit board design, embedded software/firmware, cloud infrastructure and DevOps, and web application development.

Healthtech • Other • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
4 Employees

The Sequencing Center, a next generation genome sequencing company, offers affordable genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and genome data management for research, pharmaceutical, and clinical organizations. Our services are designed for organizations performing research on bacterial, viral, and human-oriented projects.

Consumer Web • eCommerce • Enterprise Web • Biotech
6 Employees

Every company seeks to build higher engagement with their customers online, yet they have little-to-no insight on how their customers’ brains actually work, what’s most meaningful to them, what their subconscious desires are when making a sale, ideal purchasing moods, or much less, how to truly create a biological change within their neurobiology to increase engagement, sales, and retention. We fill this gap by integrating our full-service team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, web designers, copywriters, web, and software developers to create a whole new level of user experience called “Neural Experience” or "NX" for short. Contact us to learn how NX can grow your business online.