10-10-10: A New Startup Program Coming Next Spring From Tom Higley

March 12, 2013

In early 2014, the magic number is ten. Local entrepreneur Tom Higley and a growing number of Denver's startup community leaders will be launching a program that will focus on 10 problems and 10 startup CEOs from around the country who will meet together in Denver for 10 days. 


Higley announced the program to a room of nearly 100 last Wednesday at Peak Venture Group’s “Evening with Entrepreneurs.” The TechStars mentor and serial entrepreneur explained that 10 prospective CEOs from across the country would participate in a program that challenges them to make better decisions when choosing their next startup opportunity.

“Denver now has a really vibrant startup community,” Higley said, “but we want to see Denver become better connected to thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors around the country. One way to do this is to provide great challenges, opportunities and networking to some of the most talented startup CEOs at just the time they are looking for their next big thing.”

CEOs and their new companies are invited and encouraged to stay in Denver, but that is not a requirement. "Each CEO is welcome to return to his or her home city," according to Higley, "and build the new company there."

10.10.10 program will begin the planning phase in May. Higley and others are developing the program to draw attention to Denver’s startup community, attract more venture capital to the area, and provide startup CEOs around the country with a better way to choose their next big thing.



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