Everything you've ever wanted to know about UX: 6 Integral Parts

September 4, 2014


We scouted out the top UXers in Denver and siphoned the very best of their UX knowledge into a great collection of articles. We discovered a constant theme running through their responses: versitility.  UX design and the designer have to be able to consider multiple psyches and styles when developing a product - ranging from the end user to the customer to their own volition. As one of the UX designers made plain: UX ≠ Visual Design. Mastering this discipline requires a mind for so many different things. Get acquainted with many of those skills in the articles below:



1. UX Strategy

Want to understand what goes into a UX strategy from the mind of a designer? Antoine Valot lays out the four disciplines of UX and what it takes to be a UX rockstar.








2. User Experience

Want to understand the characteristics of a great design? Senior UX Manager & GIANT founder Joel Kilby breaks out his top 9 tips for a great user experience

3. Hiring a great UX team

How do you hire a brilliant UX team? Kilby also lays out the three key aspects





4. The right approach to client relationships

How should UX Designers approach client relationships? This often overlooked aspect is detailed by Kevin Menzie, founder of Slice of Lime.








5. The trick to testing and feedback

What is the best way to approach testing and feedback? Ben Ogren, the Creative Director and Head of Product Development for SupportLocal, sounds off.







[ibimage==29671==Original==none==self==ibimage_align-left] 6. The hiring process

How does the actual hiring process work and how do you stand out from other UXers? Jerad Harbaugh, the Senior Manager for User Expierence at Starz, tells you how to stand out and what to expect.







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