34 Software Companies Based in Denver, Colorado

Find out how these Denver area software companies are leaving their mark.

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Apr. 23, 2024
34 Software Companies Based in Denver, Colorado
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Software solves problems. From payment solutions and customer relations to human resource management and booking software for travel, tech companies and startups in the Denver area are providing all sorts of technical solutions.

Top Software Companies in Denver, Colorado Area

  • Verblio
  • RingCentral
  • Procare Solutions
  • Workiva
  • Vertafore
  • Stateless
  • Signpost
  • Billtrust
  • FareHarbor
  • Gusto
  • Red Canary
  • BAE Systems


Industry: Marketing

Klaviyo’s AI-enabled software platform gives thousands of brands the tools to automate their marketing workflows and deliver personalized customer experiences. The technology collects data from across an organization’s tech stack to provide a comprehensive view of customer behavior that can inform digital experiences across marketing channels.


Industry: Marketing

Contentful’s composable content platform facilitates collaboration and streamlined workflows for designing and publishing digital content. It’s meant to serve as a simple workspace that both technical and non-technical users can rely on to deliver quality, personalized digital experiences across various channels. The platform’s features include AI-powered tools for generating content models and images.


Industry: Healthtech

SonderMind is a digital health company that offers an online and mobile platform patients use to find mental health care providers that are covered by their insurance. Users answer questions about themselves, the care they're looking for and payment options so they can scroll through a list of therapists and psychiatrists that match their needs. Patients are able to view appointment availability so they can schedule in-person or virtual sessions.


Industry: Insurance, logistics and transportation

SambaSafety is a SaaS company specializing in driver risk management software. Its Qorta product, for example, allows businesses in industries like healthcare, construction and retail to continuously monitor motor vehicle records so they can identify and mitigate high-risk behaviors among their employee drivers. SambaSafety also offers Volta, a software product designed to streamline the underwriting process for insurance companies.


Industry: Information technology and telecommunications

Gogo Business Aviation provides in-flight internet connectivity for business aircraft. It offers smart cabin systems that are adaptable for aircraft of any size, from tiny turboprops to global jets. Using software developed in-house, the company’s fully integrated connectivity platform AVANCE operates on hardware designed for use well into the future.  


Industry: Productivity

TaskRay is a software company that makes Salesforce-native operational management systems for businesses. Its SaaS product offers everything from automation and workflows to collaboration with team members and customers. The company also has multiple integration partners so that customers can connect TaskRay’s functionality with other components of their tech stack.


Industry: Information technology

Datadog’s software provides monitoring, security and data analytics for cloud-scale companies. By working within the ecosystems of major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack, and providing over 600 software integrations, it facilitates full-stack monitoring that addresses issues of data security and process optimization at scale.


Industry: Hospitality

Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) provides hospitality industry clients with a software platform capable of delivering intelligence on booking intent, room demand, overall performance and other factors that can affect strategic decisions. Its tech is used by thousands of hotels, including chains like Holiday Inn and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.


Industry: Telecommunications

DISH operates a family of brands including Dish Network, Dish Wireless, Sling and Boost Mobile that offer live TV, streaming, on-demand movies, high-speed internet and mobile plans. The company employs a broad range of technology professionals, including a team of software engineers who build and perform maintenance on software applications for both customer and internal use.


Industries: E-commerce and logistics 

There are many moving parts involved in the shipping industry, so Cin7 centralizes a company’s tools in a single location. Businesses can now wield software to automate order processes, connect with shipping solutions, and gather inventory reports. With the complete picture in full view, organizations can stock up on inventory and deliver quicker service with Cin7’s technology. 


Industries: Information technology, software

As companies have shifted to a virtual work environment, teams now require creative ways to connect over longer distances. Zoom has answered the call with an intuitive platform that provides high-quality, customizable features. Meetings, events, and private room setups are just a few of the capabilities Zoom possesses, allowing businesses to harness communications technology for their specific needs.


Industries: Automotive, software

Many people view buying a car as a time-consuming endeavor, but A2Z Sync is transforming this trend with technology dedicated to the one-person sales model. This system eliminates having to deal with multiple personnel and confusing steps, allowing a single salesperson to guide customers through every stage of the car-buying process. While people secure their next ride faster, dealerships ramp up production with the efficient tools of A2Z Sync. 


Industry: Hardware

VIZIO, located just outside of Denver metropolitan proper, utilizes innovative technology to produce digital entertainment products that allow users to feel more immersed within the stories unfolding before their eyes. From exceptional Smart TVs to a wide range of soundbars, speaker systems and streaming devices, VIZIO’s technology allows users to customize their experiences to match and exceed their own levels of entertainment expectations.


Industry: Media

Verblio works with agencies, publishers, enterprises and organizations within a range of industries to provide a content creation solution with a focus on quality writing and SEO. Combining the strengths of both content marketing enthusiasts and a writing team filled with industry-diverse experts, Verblio allows organizations in need of versatile content to streamline the process without scaling their team.


Industry: Cloud

RingCentral is a cloud-based communications platform that enables streamlined collaboration and teamwork across enterprise teams. The platform is a breakthrough solution for organizations with remote-based employees, easily connecting their distributed team through voice messaging, SMS and video conferencing capabilities.


Industry: Logistics

VORTO offers an automated supply chain management platform that makes it easier to reduce supply chain spend up to 40%, featuring a suite of products that identify supply chain inefficiencies and develop intuitive solutions.  The company’s products include AutoDemand, AutoProcurement and AutoLogistics, allowing users to streamline and automate raw material demand, raw material sourcing and shipment management processes. 


Industry: SaaS

Procare Solutions provides an intuitive platform for use by child care centers, allowing them to simplify necessary administrative tasks and build better relationships with both parents and children. The platform features tools for contactless check-in/check-out, integrated tuition collection, business management tools and much more, perfect for facilitating business solutions for in-home child care, child care centers, child care franchises and school districts alike. 


Industry: Logistics

According to the United States Department of Transportation, the shipping industry in the U.S. is worth $700 billion — and is only expected to grow heading into the new decade. Azevtec is working to make this process more efficient by responsibly deploying wholly autonomous vehicles in some of the country’s busiest hubs. Azevtec is still in stealth mode, so details on the company are still pretty sparse. Even still, it’s raked in $8.1 million in funding to date.


Industry: Cloud

Workiva offers an intuitive platform for connecting data across an entire enterprise, enabling tasks like accounting, auditing, FP&A, legal services and financial services to become streamlined and accomplished more efficiently than ever. The platform features powerful automation capabilities that intuitively gathers data, updates numbers and manages approvals, all while ensuring datasets and documents can be accessed by the right parties as needed.


Industry: Insurance

Vertafore creates software for the insurance industry, supplying agencies, carriers and brokers with solutions to help manage their businesses. The platform enables players in the insurance industry to simply manage everything from content and data analytics to credentialing and compliance.


Industry: Security

Red Canary is a security software for organizations and companies of all sizes. Their easily-deployed solutions are end-to-end including managed detection, security operations, detection coverage and alert triage.


Industry: E-commerce

Mersive creates meeting and collaboration solutions that allow users to simultaneously share individual screens, videos and other content to conference room displays. Their solutions make teams more productive through easier participation and quicker start-up times for meetings.


Industry: Cloud

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service responsible for billions of email deliveries for companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Spotify, Yelp and ZipRecruiter. Their solution enables businesses to build email campaigns, send emails in high volumes and ensures a high rate of deliverability.


Industry: Mobile

GoSpotCheck is a management platform that enhances workforce operations. Their product dashboards enable teams to build smart forms, track tasks and examine customized reports. The management software is utilized largely in consumer goods, retailers, restaurants and healthcare.


Industry: SaaS

Signpost is a customer relation management platform helping over 7,500 local businesses, large and small. Their smart software, named Mia, collects and analyzes data from consumers through emails, transactions and calls to engage and grow customer bases.


Industry: Travel

FareHarbor is an online booking and management software for tours and travel activities. Their solutions help tour operators and other activity companies grow their businesses, convert more customers and manage operations. With original roots in Hawaii, the company now operates out of multiple worldwide offices and boasts thousands of global clients.


Industry: Human Resources

Gusto helps companies manage human resources tasks and processes like payroll and benefits. For a smooth transition, the platform integrates with existing programs like time-tracking, accounting and expense management applications.


Industries: Cloud, cybersecurity 

Druva simplifies data security for businesses relying on the cloud with its very own Druva Cloud Platform. This SaaS product is completely autonomous and rooted in AWS, so companies don’t have to worry about updates or additional hardware. With a security system that takes care of maintenance and other minutiae, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is in reliable hands.


Industry: Hospitality

Four Winds Interactive provides digital signage services for a variety of establishments like airports, arenas, banks, hotels and more. Their platform enables businesses and organizations to display information like menu boards, advertising, directories and visitor information, enhancing the communication and information exchange for both employees and customers.


Industry: Fintech

Billtrust makes payment-cycle management solutions, automating a variety of cash-flow related processes and customer needs. Their software handles invoicing, accounts receivable and other tasks, reducing resources while automating and accelerating payment processing.


Industries: IT, software

World Wide Technology is a SaaS provider for commercial, government, and telecom organizations, helping build IT-powered technologies capable of managing supply chains, recovering assets and more. Teaming up with companies like Cisco and Microsoft, World Wide Technology creates custom applications, software, and hardware designed to meet any client's objectives.


Industries: IT, security

Stateless' software provide security, routing and automation services to network interconnection points that operationalize and productize solutions. The Boulder-based company's Solution Centric Networking (SCN) platform features a multi-tiered, multi-tenant permissions model that supports operations and business enablement with technology that allows for API documentation, workflow integration and even ROI calculators.


Industries: Software, mobile

OpenTable is the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations. Headquartered in San Francisco, but with an office in Denver, OpenTable has processed over one billion reservations and helps restaurants reach 21 million people each month.


Industry: Aerospace

BAE Systems, Inc. makes a range of products to serve space exploration and defense: spacecraft, microwave technology, instruments and sensors as well as technologies and products for data collection. Its software offerings include systems for mission data processing and data analysis, which the company uses in tandem with its physical products to offer end-to-end aerospace data collection.

This article was originally published in 2018. Margo Steines and Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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