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Agency • Digital Media • Marketing Tech • Social Media • Consulting
Fully Remote, USA
10 Employees

We are passionate about people, so we make it our life’s goal to help mission-driven consumer companies reach more people so that they can change more lives. Who would you rather partner with on your aspirational journey to make a lasting impact: a team that’s all about profits, or one driven by similar goals and passions? We trust you to make the right choice. We work with a small number of carefully selected clients to ensure that we are a great fit culturally. We enjoy every second we spend working with our clients to reach their business goals. We are enriched by discussions and will love to hear from you.

Internet of Things • Professional Services • Database • Analytics • Consulting
Walnut Creek, California, USA
4 Employees

Acorn is a team of crack data scientists invested in your business success. From the most complex Artificial Intelligence or machine learning to messy data sets, our full-stack capabilities can diagnose whatever data issues are getting in your way – without all the tech talk. Our plug-n-play teams are customized to your needs and nothing is templatized because your thing is our thing. Precise scientists, precisely human.

Beauty • Fintech • Healthtech • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Fully Remote, USA
10 Employees

Our mission is to help nurses and doctors build exceptional MedSpas. On their own, most entrepreneurs fail to build a sustainable business. By empowering independent practitioners with the tech and expertise normally available only to the biggest chains, we help them own a business that thrives.

Information Technology • Consulting
26 Employees

Blue Rose Consulting Group is a SBA-certified HUBZone, VA-Verified Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in Human Capital Management, IT Services and operational support to the federal and commercial markets. The critical intersection between human capital and information technology is at the core of what we do…solutions that impact people and make a difference in our lives. Founded in 2017, Blue Rose strives not only to provide clients with innovative and achievable solutions, but also create meaningful employment opportunities for those in economically disadvantaged communities. To this end, we focus on the HUBZone communities outside of military installations and as a result, help the community while also helping veterans and military families.

Agency • Fintech • Professional Services • Consulting
18 Employees

Accountingprose is the leading small business accounting and payroll service in Colorado. We help managed service providers (MSPs), SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies, and law firms stop stressing about their business finances and get back to doing what they love. More than the industry, we are interested in working with clients that value what we do and want to be engaged in the accounting process to help drive their business forward. In short, we do great work for great people and we're loving every minute of it.

Big Data • Professional Services • Analytics • Consulting
Denver, Colorado, USA
9 Employees

TrueSpace is where science and a dedicated resource network combine to guide post-startup companies to annual revenues of $10M+. You are clearly past starting your business, but can you grow it in a predictable manner? Many business builders reach a place in the growth journey where they feel stuck, and can’t accurately determine which actions or decisions will have the greatest impact on reaching their goals. Sound familiar? Our ten-year research effort with Gallup will provide some comfort… you are not alone. Currently, over 2.1 million entrepreneurs lead firms that are past the initial start but scale is a distant dream. These businesses represent over 40% of the nation’s workforce. If you are one of them, you have the potential to change the eventual outcome of your future but you will need to create new capabilities to do so. TrueSpace can help you identify and build those capabilities.

Agency • Digital Media • Information Technology • Consulting
4 Employees

We're a growth agency helping our clients in SaaS, MedTech, & B2B deliver experiences that inspire. We craft digital experiences and strategies that help SaaS, MedTech, and B2B organizations grow—through meaningful customer relationships at scale. The secret is Customer Experience (CX). In business—the difference between “good” and “successful” will be decided by the feelings and actions of your customers. That’s why we focus on Customer Experience and streamlining customer operations. Together—we’ll help you form more meaningful customer relationships at scale. How? Websites and marketing campaigns that educate, engage, and generate leads. Sales strategies and materials that build trust and convey value. Self-service platforms and systems that empower and delight… Where should we start?

Fintech • Payments • Software • Consulting
Denver, Colorado, USA
116 Employees

Infinicept is a fast-growing, Denver-based startup that is passionate about enabling our B2B software clients to become their own payment facilitators. Some of the world's leading processors, sponsors, and SaaS companies leverage our platform to streamline everything from underwriting and back office administration to risk monitoring while minimizing setup time and processing costs.

Enterprise Web • Healthtech • Information Technology • Software • Consulting
18 Employees

We are a company combining healthcare expertise in the cardiac device world with technology to bridge the gap between patients and their office visits. We offer full service remote monitoring help for doctors offices with education and tech support for their patients.

eCommerce • Information Technology • Professional Services • Consulting
Laguna Beach, California, USA
550 Employees

Data4eCom is one of the most renowned catalog processing and product management companies offering end-to-end support to eCommerce stores on the global front. Our complete spectrum of services includes eCommerce catalog processing, product data entry & management, back-office support services, catalog content management services, product catalog maintenance services, eCommerce data cleansing services, eCommerce data migration services, Meta description writing services, and more. As an industry leader, we have helped numerous organizations in handling the catalog content and managing data quality. In fact, we are a reliable offshore service provider, well-equipped with the blend of right technology and resources to deliver projects worldwide. Ensuring a smooth flow of operations, we are here to categorize and manage your products better, upload them faster, and at the same time, saving on operational costs. Be it the comparison of shopping engines, marketplaces or shopping carts, we possess the requisite expertise to manage the entire product catalog for all the major eCommerce platforms, viz. Amazon, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, NewEgg, and more. In addition to our value-driven services, we also provide round-the-clock email and chat support with 24*7 assistance. Our proactive customer support teams answer all customers queries responsively and take their feedback and resolve issues painstakingly.

Professional Services • Sales • Social Impact • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Denver, Colorado, USA
100 Employees

Join a global team of talented associates that serve the senior most executives who are leading the largest global organizations. Our members rely on Procurement Leaders to provide insights and access to peers, global thought leaders, executive advisors and board members to ensure they stay ahead. Our purpose is clear, take the best leaders in the world and make them even better. As an associate of Procurement Leaders you will have the incredible opportunity to develop your career, make it better and contribute to our mission. Culture is our magic ingredient - we care deeply about fostering collaboration and driving growth. Our diverse talent pushes us to be better every day. We make sure that you will be valued and that your input matters, as we push you to new levels through challenging opportunities.

Agency • Enterprise Web • Software • Consulting
7 Employees

Fuego UX is a digital experience consulting firm based in Colorado. At Fuego, we design simple and intuitive digital experiences. Our team of UX designers works with our diverse set of clients across B2B SaaS and leading Development firms to deliver best in class user experiences. We use cutting edge design tools, employ UX best practices, and collaborate to ensure all of our team members are constantly learning and growing with us!

Angel or VC Firm • Fintech • Other • Professional Services • Consulting
Denver, Colorado, USA

We provide growth planning, exit planning, investment banking, and wealth management services – all built exclusively for entrepreneurs. We have fun and build long-standing relationships with our clients, often working together for years before and/or after a transaction.

Big Data • Healthtech • Software • Analytics • Consulting
Littleton, Colorado, USA
12 Employees

S2N Health is a strategic services and software provider for medical technology innovators. Since its founding in 2011, S2N Health has worked with >150 companies, from start-ups to large global organizations, bringing key insights & custom analytics to product, commercial and business decisions. S2N has supported clients through development and launch of novel technologies, raising of significant investor capital, and engaging in buy- and sell-side transactions. In 2021, S2N leveraged its 10 years of advanced analytics experience to develop a new AI-driven SaaS platform that brings on-demand customer insights to med tech commercial teams and other stakeholders.

Other • Software • Analytics • Consulting • Energy
Boulder, Colorado, USA
130 Employees

We are at the forefront of the renewable energy transition. Our software solutions provide decision analytics for power traders, risk analysts, resource managers, developers and financiers. Ascend provides a collaborative work culture involving frequent interaction with clients, where individual initiative and creativity are highly valued. Interactions with senior management happen daily, and hard work never goes unnoticed.

Information Technology • Professional Services • Consulting
75 Employees

We are a diverse band of badass technology and engineering all-stars. People call us when everyone else has failed. We’ll come in, dig in, and tackle virtually any challenge thrown our way. Our team will expertly help clients avoid cyber threats, securely migrate to the cloud, integrate systems, and effectively manage risk.

Agency • Professional Services • Social Impact • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Denver, Colorado, USA

We believe in thinking bigger. We love seeing forest. It helps us focus on trends, opportunities and long-term vision. Time and again, we have seen how our experience across multiple industries helps us draw connections, tailor solutions and create innovation for our clients.

Professional Services • Consulting • Design
50 Employees

Monterey Technologies provides industry leading Human Factors Engineering and Human-Systems Integration services. We have a strong foundation in human factors research, testing and evaluation methodologies, with extensive experience in research and usability test design, data analysis and interpretation. We are committed to innovation based on science and user-centered design, and we provide a wide variety of HFE/HSI services, and innovative design thinking with the rigor of human-factors and software engineering to deliver novel solutions to challenging problems.

Cloud • Healthtech • Internet of Things • Software • Biotech • Consulting • App development
Fully Remote, USA
6 Employees

Ringtail Labs is a full-stack engineering consulting firm. We help teams launch new products, fix issues in their existing products, and build a positive engineering culture. Our services include circuit board design, embedded software/firmware, cloud infrastructure and DevOps, and web application development.

Agency • Digital Media • Other • Professional Services • Social Media • Consulting • Design
Fully Remote, USA
7 Employees

What we do is nothing new. Listening and learning about your business. Generating powerful ideas that are true to your brand. Understanding there’s a responsibility to make work that actually works. None of this is groundbreaking, but it’s really hard to do. And, around here, it’s Standard Practice.