4 best startup jobs in Colorado: Production Manager, Active Junky

by Elyse Kent
March 7, 2014


In Colorado, many people declare themselves outdoor enthusiasts and are well informed when it comes to the latest gear and emerging trends. Tommy Joyce gets to take it to a whole new level. As the Production Manager for online outdoor gear community Active Junky, Joyce rarely has enough time to wear out his outdoor merchandise before he’s acquired a new round of gear to test and review.


Joyce took his basic videography and photography skills and turned his social media internship into a full-time position that flies him around the continent to capture content during the new gear testing excursions. Joyce has been the lead production manager from Utah to Chile. Not to mention, he actually gets to test the latest active gear. “If I see something that catches my eye on the web, I’ll reach out. But a lot of the times, newer companies reach out to us,” Joyce said.


Most recently, Joyce got to test a new Solé urban bicycle and some Jaybird headphones. Sometimes, a product really stands-out, which proves exciting for both companies. According to Joyce, “A lot of the time we’re working with niche companies who are looking to get their product out to the public and need press to boost exposure.”


Besides testing products, Joyce manages the blog and general marketing content for AJ, creating seasonal gear guides to enthuse readers for the upcoming season. “When we fly out to test gear and produce our gear guides, we’ll partner with a different resort and plan on shooting content at that resort,” said Joyce.


Which leads to the other part of his daily duties, the workout regimen.  Since he pumps iron four days a week at Galvanize, no if ands or buts., he’s got to plan his day determinately. “I have a very serious workout regimen that I have to stick to or else I can’t perform well in my job. I’m slogging in thigh-high deep powder, scrambling over rocks to get a great shot,” Joyce said.


Although the position has immersed him in the outdoor world and allowed him to participate in a medley of outdoor sports, there is no question about his work ethic.

“I don’t like anyone who tells people to work harder, I think working smarter is more beneficial. Working slower, better than grinding out over hours and hours. Taking breaks from work is super important.,“ said Joyce.


For anyone who is looking to join the Active Junky team or make the move into startup life, Joyce recruits talent with a discerning eye: “The number one thing I look for is, 'How much do you care?' You have to be willing to work the worst hours with the worst pay to show your employers you’re in for the long haul.”

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