Built In Colorado's top 10 stories of 2016

by Jess Ryan
December 29, 2016

Earlier this week, the Built In team shared our favorite stories from this year. Now, it’s time to shine the spotlight on readers’ favorites from 2016, based on views, shares and engagement. Between reports, deep dives into company culture and pieces highlighting members of our community, it’s been a great year for tech news and storytelling.


10. Here are Colorado tech's most hardcore Broncos fans

Though the 2016 season didn’t turn out quite how we’d expected, Colorado tech still plays a key role in the Orange Crush. Earlier this year, we had startups show off their Mile High spirit ahead of the Broncos’ Super Bowl win.


9. Beyond the beer fridge: 2 Colorado companies on creating a killer company culture

Company culture can often be a make-or-break factor for whether someone accepts or stays at a job. We asked two Colorado startups to share how they created their company culture — and what was necessary to keep it strong.


8. How 7 Colorado developers learned to code — and what they wish they’d known before

While more and more people are bucking “traditional” career paths, the trend is especially true for developers. From college to coding schools and even teaching themselves, these developers had great insights to share with budding Colorado programmers.


7. Fun socks, private chefs and themed conference rooms: Inside 3 of Denver tech’s trendiest offices

It’s always fun to take a peek inside other companies’ offices — especially when they’ve got private chefs on staff. This piece took us inside three unique spaces in Denver, generating some solid office envy in the process.


6. 2015 Colorado Startup Report: $683M in funding and $2.7B in exits

As a community, it’s important for us to stay informed, especially when it comes to money. Our 2015 Annual Report broke down the state’s tech funding and exits, including which companies brought in the most bucks.


5. 13 tech transplants explain why everyone’s moving to Colorado

At the beginning of this year, we checked in with the now-ubiquitous Colorado transplant population to find out just what’s bringing everyone to the state. From techies who had just landed in Colorado to ones who planted roots here a decade ago, everyone’s reasons were fascinating (and probably helped some of this year’s transplants make the jump).


4. 50 influential people in Colorado tech you should follow on Twitter

As community enthusiasts, we’re big fans of the power of social media to bring people together and foster the exchange of ideas. This summer, we compiled a list of 50 people to follow in order to freshen up your Twitter feed, from CEOs to developers and even VCs.


3. 25 Colorado women startup founders you should know

With local resources like Women Who Startup, MergeLane, the National Center for Women in IT and Techstars, more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs — many of them in tech. Colorado counts dozens of women among its community of founders, and we chose to highlight 25 who stood out this year.


2. The 2016 Top 100 Digital Companies in Colorado

Our annual list of Colorado tech’s largest employers is always a hit among readers. This year saw some interesting leaps, including a few companies that more than doubled compared to last year and others that jumped more than 20 spots on the list.


1. 50 Colorado Startups to Watch in 2016

No surprise here — this year’s 50 to Watch pulled in tons of readers itching to discover the next big things in Colorado tech. Plus, it’s pretty exciting for the companies we featured (and we’re guessing their moms, too), so it makes sense it’d be shared as much as it was. Keep an eye out for our 2017 list!


What was your favorite story this year? Share a link on Twitter and use the hashtag #BICOfaves.

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