50 influential people in Colorado tech you should follow on Twitter

by Jess Ryan
May 19, 2016

Twitter can be a super useful tool, giving us access to news, global perspectives and thought leadership from the world's most notable individuals.

But it's also a great way to make friends and build community. You can meet like-minded people, learn about what companies are up to and even discover events, right from the comfort of your own screen.

Every year, we share a list of 50 people from Colorado's tech and startup community we think are worth following. This curated list is meant to give you a starting point for discovering great people to follow in our community — by no means is it exhaustive. (If we were to include everyone we love to follow... we'd be exhausted!)


So, without further ado, our 2016 list of 50 people in Colorado tech to follow on Twitter:

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Paul Allen

Consultant, Founder, Mentor 
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: Tribe of Angels founder, startup #accelerator leader, product & business builder. Interested in important problems, #women in technology. No time for big egos.

Being a Founder Can Be Depressing https://t.co/qZKYcSiabH

— Paul Allen (@iampaulallen) May 13, 2016


Rachel Beisel

VP of Marketing at Gorilla Logic
Tweets about: Marketing
Twitter bio: Co-founder Naked Women's Racing | VP Marketing @gorillalogic | Two wheels, skinny skis, yoga & tech addict | Chafin' the dream with @kalan_beisel

Marketing is an incredibly difficult job (to do right). Thx for sharing @BrookeLynnLuxehttps://t.co/QbvjWxnS1Y

— Rachel Beisel (@MissBikesAlot) May 5, 2016


Alex Bogusky

Founder, Investor, Advisor at Brandzooka, Kickfurther and more
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, adtech
Twitter bio: Co-founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, http://visibl.io , http://mademovement.com , fearless.is, http://boomtownboulder.com , humanaut, http://healthyskoop.com

Love this app. @SitterMe stars in Denver’s Entrepreneurial Rise! https://t.co/lSXJwmN11H

— Alex Bogusky (@bogusky) May 2, 2016


Merredith Branscombe

Founder, Leap Public Relations
Tweets about: PR, marketing
Twitter bio: I launch companies, they tend to get acquired. Plus thoughtful PR without b.s. Mom. Writer. Cynical optimist. TED talk (bravery/cancer): http://goo.gl/36PNTx

That time when Instagram/FB/GOOG changed their #algorithms, accompanied by the sound of SMB owners weeping.

— Merredith (@Merredith) May 12, 2016


Tara Calihman

Director of Content & Social Media Marketing for VictorOps
Tweets about: Content marketing
Twitter bio: Writer. Runner. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. #binders

"...the uncertainty that you feel trying something adventurous is part of the very reason for doing it." YES. https://t.co/xjGhaFFXGQ

— Tara Calihman (@tarable) May 5, 2016


Joanne Cheng

Web Developer for Keen IO
Tweets about: Web development
Twitter bio: mountain-person and computer nerd at @keen_io. Probably thinking about graphs, JavaScript, or hiking trails. Previously @thoughtbot

"I have years of professional technical experience" I yell at myself as I try to work the coworking space coffee machine

— joanne cheng (@joannecheng) March 9, 2016


Tamara Chuang

Technology Reporter for The Denver Post
Tweets about: Tech news
Twitter bio: A gadget-loving gal with a penchant for consumer tech, deals, design, Miyazaki films and good food. I'm also the tech writer for @denverpost #newsmatters

How to find more tech workers? @newmediadenver invests millions in #DRUD to expand job pool | The Denver Post https://t.co/IIstJo0EKH

— Tamara Chuang (@Gadgetress) May 9, 2016


Sarah Jane Coffey

Content Manager / Writer for Reboot
Tweets about: Startup culture
Twitter bio: Part time luddite, full time lover. Interested in what makes good humans and companies. Work at @reboothq. Wife of @ecoffey, Mama to Teddy.

Current brain status- How do I do this better?: pic.twitter.com/HaKbbr8fod

— Sarah Jane Coffey (@savvysarahjane) May 3, 2016


David Cohen

Managing Partner at Techstars
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, investment
Twitter bio: Founder and Managing Partner at @Techstars. Investor in hundreds of Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

How and why to send investor updates https://t.co/q6jtKsCXf3 by @alexiskold

— David Cohen (@davidcohen) April 16, 2016


anke corbin

Founder, CEO of Globig
Tweets about: International business, entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: CEO-Founder of http://Globig.co | Mentor at Founder Institute & MergeLane | Love: family, friends, food, global expansion, product dev, tech go to market

This is a great article about how to embrace failure as you transition from employee to entrepreneur via @foundinghttps://t.co/bDnF7DJcoJ

— anke corbin (@ankec) May 10, 2016


Matt de Caussin

Business Development Executive at Techstars
Tweets about: Tech news, entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: Growing the greatest entrepreneur ecosystem in the world @Techstars. || Lover of cities + startup culture + outdoor adventures + craft cocktails.

This >>> Detroit start-up begins pay-as-you-go smartphone service https://t.co/AY6UmTRDR4 // cc @JoinLunar#Techstars

— Matt de Caussin (@MattdeCaussin) May 3, 2016


Amy Dipierro

Reporter for BusinessDen
Tweets about: Tech news
Twitter bio: Now: #startups + #nonprofits @BusinessDen |Past: @TheStreet @warnewsradio @NewsWorksWHYY @onthemedia #DJNFBiz15 #Swarthmore |Tweets about #business + #Colorado.

#Denver software #startup@trackvia is on its way to raising $8 million: https://t.co/JMDVnVZZHx via @Business_Den

— Amy DiPierro (@amydipierro) March 15, 2016


Daniel Epstein

Founder of Unreasonable
Tweets about: Impactful entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: @Unreasonable Entrepreneur. Creativity, Boldness and Entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all of the issues we face today.

"Technology allows us to stretch the limits of what’s possible" @kiwanjahttps://t.co/AMpALjBwRH via @unreasonable

— Daniel A Epstein (@EpsteinDaniel) May 15, 2016


Brad Feld

Entrepreneur, VC at Foundry Group
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, startup culture
Twitter bio: I'm a VC at Foundry Group. I live in Boulder, Colorado, invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons, and love to read.

Feld Thoughts: Work Hard. Be Kind. https://t.co/AvHwoPyZay

— Brad Feld (@bfeld) May 14, 2016


Kenzie Fetzer

Digital Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements
Tweets about: Marketing
Twitter bio: Digital Marketing Manager at Cloud Elements #SEO, #PPC, #web, #startup University of Denver Alumni. NorCal native.

Watch how @getsynap@mvboeke are using @cloudelements to advance their API integration strategy. - https://t.co/aQ8W7ljuHs

— Kenzie Fetzer (@k_fetzer) May 4, 2016


Cory Flanigan

Founder of Golden Mean Solutions
Tweets about: Tech
Twitter bio: Compounding #investment. Facilitating #mentorship. Building #platforms.

When your code has too many levels of nesting pic.twitter.com/yIge6MaaEG

— Cory Flanigan (@seeflanigan) May 9, 2016


Drew Frey

Customer Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk
Tweets about: Marketing
Twitter bio: Marketing at @ReadyTalk. Formerly @PivotDesk, @SocialEngine, @Snowdotcom, & @Freeskier. Hate condiments. Love soccer. Espressoholic. See also @ColfaxnDowning.

Exciting things are happening at @ReadyTalk! Check out @foxdenio for yourselves: https://t.co/rbL8b90Ocv

— Drew Frey (@FreyDrew) May 3, 2016


Mike Gehard

Senior Software Engineer for Pivotal Labs
Tweets about: Tech
Twitter bio: This space for rent...

Thanks @glv for the talk comparing software engineering to other engineering disciplines.https://t.co/YXvPO1QeMQ

— Mike Gehard (@mikegehard) May 10, 2016


Nicole Glaros

Chief Product Officer for Techstars
Tweets about: Local startup culture
Twitter bio: Chief Product Officer @ Techstars, startups, #givefirst, mom, wife, adventure junkie, not necessarily in that order

One of my favorite parts of being in tech is I get to fund orgs that change our homogenous industry: https://t.co/FC9iZ2lQZn

— Nicole Glaros (@nglaros) May 10, 2016


Bryan Glenn

VP of Technology for ShopAtHome.com
Tweets about: Leadership, company culture
Twitter bio: Lover of tech, leadership, entrepreneurship, social sciences, education, and baseball. Oh, I also enjoy spending time with my family.

Because putting together a puzzle as fast as you can is fun on Friday! @shopathome#havesomefunateorkpic.twitter.com/lyIrtXrFer

— Bryan Glenn (@bryanaglenn) March 4, 2016


Mandy Godown

Founder & Lead Diversity Geek at SHYFTco
Tweets about: Women in tech, entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: Mobilizer, diversity geek, brand stylist & storyteller. I build biz, networks & systems that foster diversity & empower. @SheSaysBLDR | @VinettaProject | BeBold

Love this...AND #inclusivity isn't a women's issue. It's an everybody issue. #Propshttps://t.co/dSvfW8NM8g#techpic.twitter.com/RaiZpLVFjr

— Mandaline Godown (@Miss_Mandaline) May 7, 2016


Adam Greenbaum

Founder of Greenbaum Digital Marketing, WhiskerCloud
Tweets about: Marketing, entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: CEO @WhiskerCloud @GreenbaumDigi @iBostonTerrier | Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker | Public Speaker | Explorer | Boston Terrier + Cat Dad | @lizzzlybear

My startup grew quickly but I wasn't happy, so I made a change. Never been happier. Wrote about it for @TechCoHQ: https://t.co/TgRQJO1z6g

— Adam Greenbaum (@Greenbaumly) May 16, 2016


Emily Grossman

Mobile Marketing Specialist for MobileMoxie
Tweets about: Mobile apps
Twitter bio: Francophile, foodie, salsa dancer, occasional writer for Goutaste. Mobile Marketing Specialist @MobileMoxie. Formerly @doubleencore (now @possiblemobile).

Great play to keep iOS users searching with Google (vs Spotlight or Spotlight Suggestions in Safari). https://t.co/m5vwgbnl32

— Emily Grossman (@goutaste) May 12, 2016


J. B. Holston

Dean of DU's Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
Tweets about: Education, public policy
Twitter bio: Colorado public and private entrepreneur and scale-up CEO. Dean, @UofDenver @ritchieschool @Ben_Colorado @ACCIONNM_AZ_CO @ColoTechAsn @CoImpactFund

The American economy's big problem: we don't have enough companies like Tesla https://t.co/xdcnTij95e via @voxdotcom

— JB Holston (@jholston) May 16, 2016


Andrew Hyde

Startup Week Director at Techstars
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, events
Twitter bio: Former Stay At Home Bartender. Founder of Startup Weekend and Startup Week. Now back at Techstars! Celiac. Tall. Travel. Wordy.

There are 6 kids in this #bsw16 session. So cool. Go @tellsue + awesome Boulder community.

— andrew hyde (@andrewhyde) May 16, 2016

Kathy Keating

VP of Software Engineering for AUTOPAY
Tweets about: Women in tech, local startups
Twitter bio: VP Software Engineering | AUTOPAY Create useful software. Cultivate leadership. Be agile. Live healthy and wise.

Applying #blockchain tech to #digitalhealth - a strong catalyst that will help fix #healthcare@mikebisellihttps://t.co/zyCWxemr4m

— Kathy Keating (@kathkeating) May 15, 2016


Rylee Keys

Software Engineer for CA Technologies
Tweets about: Ruby, women in tech
Twitter bio: Software Engineer on @flowdock & @womenwhocodebd organizer. Lover of cats & mountains... proud geek! She/her https://github.com/unicornzero #illgowithyou

"MRI"... Matz Ruby Interpreter or magnetic resonance imaging?

— Rylee (@ryleekeys) May 14, 2016

Joni Klippert

VP of Product at VictorOps
Tweets about: DevOps
Twitter bio: VP Product @GoVictorOps, foodie, wino, Boulderite, nerd.

OH: "Our kegerator monitor is not reading the flow correctly. We're not almost out of beer." #startupproblems

— Joni Klippert (@joniklippert) May 3, 2016


Elizabeth Kraus

Cofounder and Chief Investment Officer at MergeLane
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, VC
Twitter bio: Entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founder of the Impact Angel Group, an investor group in Boulder, CO, and MergeLane, an accelerator for women-led businesses.

Why More People Should Be Entrepreneurs with Matt Clifford https://t.co/vdHGMDbZ1O via @twentyminutevc

— Elizabeth Kraus (@angel4impact) May 11, 2016


Nicholas Larche

HR Manager and Corporate Counsel at ShopAtHome.com
Tweets about: Recruiting
Twitter bio: Human Resources Manager & Corporate Counsel @ShopAtHome | Founder & Head of Community @HRUndergroundX | Recruiter | Speaker | Blogger

Leave it to a #brewery to have 97% retention. That is an #HR dream! @newbelgium#Beerpic.twitter.com/V5Avkqr62a

— Nicholas Larche (@Larche_N) May 9, 2016


David Mandell

CEO and cofounder of PivotDesk
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: If you walk properly, you can move the earth. CEO, Co-Founder, @PivotDesk Co-Founder, @FounderFights

You know you live in a connected home when you have to update the firmware on your fan. #IOT

— David Mandell (@dgmandell) May 6, 2016


Miles Matthias

CTO of EquityEats
Tweets about: Startup culture, tech, investing
Twitter bio: CTO at @EquityEats and co-host of @ExecPodcast. Lessons in #startups, #software, and #investing. Also love taking food pics. AMA: http://clarity.fm/milesmatthias

Startup Trends From A Student Venture Capitalist’s Perspective — Best of Dor... https://t.co/qMUIWh1PGUpic.twitter.com/pveFGSMFBp

— Miles Matthias (@miles_matthias) May 15, 2016


Seth McGuire

Senior Business Development Manager at Twitter
Tweets about: Tech culture, data
Twitter bio: data partnerships at Twitter; coffee black / whiskey neat

Great teammates for #TwitterForGood@Alipmack@jtownpic.twitter.com/BYn7Gnq7YD

— Seth McGuire (@sethmcguire) May 6, 2016


Jason Mendelson

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Foundry Group
Tweets about: VC, entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: Venture Capitalist, Musician, Hiker, ex-Lawyer, Home Remodeler, Cat Herder, Adjunct Professor and Boulderite.

Geeks with aging iPad, please donate to my friends @NyagiNPO . Used #iPads for powerful medical work abroad. More: https://t.co/XR8w9ixlMd

— jasonmendelson (@jasonmendelson) April 11, 2016


Cara Jo Miller

Senior Designer & Certified ScrumMaster for DataStax
Tweets about: Women in tech, design
Twitter bio: Designer, cyclist, & photographer living & working in Denver, CO. Founder of @gdiboulder. Senior Designer @datastax

Super excited to troll my guests with @IFTTT to turn on my @_rachio zones when someone rings my @ring doorbell.

— Cara Jo. ✨ (@Cojorado) May 10, 2016


Erik Mitisek

Tweets about: Entrepreneurship
Twitter bio: CEO of @ColoTechAsn. Lover of Tech. Lover of Colorado. Lover of Life. Believe in the Power of Innovation and Creativity - and People behind Ideas

"The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." —Dorothy Parker #SundayQuotes#NeverStop

— Erik Mitisek (@ErikMitisek) March 28, 2016


Josh Montague

Data Scientist at Twitter
Tweets about: Data, tech
Twitter bio: counts tweets, drinks coffee, takes photos, climbs mountains

This resonates; it's super easy to dismiss the time you have unless the data says otherwise.

The Busy Person’s Lies https://t.co/zZDXn3xLhF

— Josh Montague (@jrmontag) May 14, 2016


Scott Pantall

Computer science student at Regis University
Tweets about: Tech news
Twitter bio: Father, husband, HUGE hockey fan, professional phone-based life saver, computer science student, tech blogger, software developer

Colorado Tech Weekly #153: Podcast Guesting, Linux Learning, DevOps and BSW Watching https://t.co/fcwCVvb9l1

— Scott Pantall (@scottpantall) May 16, 2016


Julie Penner

Program Manager at Techstars
Tweets about: Tech news
Twitter bio: Program Manager for Techstars Boulder, new tech geek, avid outdoorswoman, gratuitous country counter, retired pole vaulter, dog & cat mom, native Montanan.

How Colorado’s love of accelerators is transforming the state https://t.co/VYzn0OtRya

— Julie Penner (@pennerj) April 24, 2016


Promise Phelon

CEO of TapInfluence
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, leadership
Twitter bio: Tech Entrepreneur. Trail Runner. Surfer. CEO of TapInfluence, Frmr CRO @ the Resumator. Frmr Founder & CEO UpMo and the Phelon Group.

Great example of the power of #influencers from folks at @zappos, @birchbox & @tapinfluence: https://t.co/44Z2n2jM70#influencermarketing

— Promise Phelon (@PromisePhelon) May 6, 2016


Fletcher Richman

Platform Manager for Galvanize Ventures
Tweets about: Investing, tech
Twitter bio: Platform Manager @Galvanize Ventures // Cofounder @SeedAngel_CO, @SparkBoulder & @CatalyzeCU // Producer @BoulderBeta || #getshitdone #fullstackemployee

Just spent 2hrs playing with the @htcvive at @UploadVR. Played minigolf, fought robots, solved puzzles, pic.twitter.com/ssUfEEzCuo

— Fletcher Richman (@fletchrichman) April 12, 2016


Jacqueline Ros

CEO and founder of Revolar
Tweets about: Entrepreneurship, IoT
Twitter bio: Living free & w/ curiosity. Love tech, music, climbing, politics, bad jokes, & mi familia Latina | CEO @Revolar | live in the present, act for the future

It's amazing how when I'm feeling the most wore down is when someone reminds me why I do what I do. @Revolarpic.twitter.com/EtPaFVIvnw

— Jacqueline Ros (@jackie_ros) May 4, 2016


Cassie Thill Stewart

Product Marketing at SendGrid
Tweets about: Email tech
Twitter bio: Product Marketing @sendgrid | Alum of @bdwcu and @leedsbiz | Tech, startups, stories, and running | I live in Boulder where I pretend to be rugged.

.@SendGrid Boulder summer rooftop open for business. #lovewhereyouwork#soakingitup#twpic.twitter.com/QiFC4QUOvc

— Cassie Thill Stewart (@cassiestewart) April 22, 2016


Megan Sweeney

Director of Video Production for Techstars
Tweets about: Startup marketing
Twitter bio: Movie Maker @Techstars and @TheWindowSeat

The startup that makes your startup look cool https://t.co/QMvVqjccV4

— Megan Sweeney (@himegansweeney) May 5, 2016


Melanie Taylor

VP of Content at Inspirato
Tweets about: Marketing and advertising news
Twitter bio: Media junkie turned social media junkie professionally. All dressed up. VP of Content @Inspirato. These are all my own opinions (that I am pushing on you)

Great insights! Attribution is critical for justifying social success. Adding pixels should NOT be so challenging. https://t.co/iy0r3ZdYfw

— Melanie Taylor (@melaniegt) May 16, 2016


Jud Valeski

CTO at Techstars
Tweets about: Tech, startup culture
Twitter bio: Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain

witnessing a biz meeting wherein the size and diamond count of your wristwatch actually matters.

— Jud Valeski (@jvaleski) May 7, 2016


Lizelle van Vuuren

Founder of Women Who Startup
Tweets about: Women entrepreneurs, HR
Twitter bio: Serial Entrepreneur, Design thinker, Growth Marketer, Speaker, Diversity Advocate. Founder @[email protected] @LizelleAndCo. [email protected]

Diversity Isn’t A Goal — It’s Good Business. By @MoniqueWoodard of @500Startupshttps://t.co/8xrFTGIZEq

— Lizelle van Vuuren (@lizellevv) May 6, 2016



Founder and CEO of Serenity Forge
Tweets about: Game development
Twitter bio: Founder and CEO @SerenityForge. TEDx Speaker, Value-driven #GameDev,#Entrepreneur. Let's get tea! #TeaWithZ

Our new game Four Sided Fantasy on the official @PlayStation site!https://t.co/K8FSPUMWyW#gamedev#indiedev#PS4pic.twitter.com/f2S6o0JSeF

— Zhenghua Yang (Z) (@ZhenghuaYang) May 11, 2016


Daniel Zacek

CTO of 9-1-1 Labs
Tweets about: Local startups
Twitter bio: Design Thinker • Expert Generalist • Maker of Things • Angel Investor

Spent the last 3 weeks annoyed at a Google Inbox bug that, it turns out, was caused by a 2 y/o script I'd written, deployed, and forgotten.

— Daniel Zacek (@dzacek) May 4, 2016


Natty Zola

Managing Director of Techstars
Tweets about: Techstars companies
Twitter bio: Managing Director @techstars. Authenticity, Exploration, Startups, Foreign Accents, Kindness, Bikes, Optimism, evitcepsreP, Passion, Love.

The last 10% takes 50% of the time and is 90% of the magic.

— Natty Zola (@NattyZ) May 7, 2016


Note that this list contains only people, not organizations — many of which are great to follow on Twitter, too. Of course, there are many more techies out there worth following, and we welcome your suggestions here

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