Colorado’s 6 Featured Companies for March

Built In highlights six interesting companies from this up-and-coming tech hub — and they’re all hiring.

Written by Avery Komlofske
Published on Mar. 24, 2022
Colorado’s 6 Featured Companies for March
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As a thriving tech hub, Colorado has grown consistently over the past few years. In the era of flexible work, tech companies can spread across the country, rather than congregate in the biggest places — and Colorado’s cities are reaping the benefits.

According to Axios, four metro areas of Colorado — Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins — have grown substantially over the past five years. Denver saw the greatest jobs increase — its tech jobs witnessed a 6.6 percent boost between 2015 and 2020, and a 4.6 percent increase from 2019 to 2020 alone. Colorado startups are seeing financial benefits, too. Last year, the state’s startups gained $6.8 billion in venture investments, according to the Colorado Sun.

Built In Colorado is taking the opportunity to highlight six of the companies in this up-and-coming tech community. Each one has something interesting that they bring to the table — whether it’s recent news, product or overall company values.

The best part? They’re all hiring!


Handshake team members sitting outside on some steps



What they do: Handshake is a job recruitment board tailored specifically to students — an edu email is required to sign up and reap the benefits. Students can connect to recruiters and receive personalized job recommendations as they prepare for the working world.

Shaking big hands: Hundreds of companies have partnered with Handshake to recruit its clients. Amongst their top employers are enterprise tech companies like Microsoft, Meta and Apple, among many others.

Funding recruitment: This year, Handshake raised $200 million in Series F funding to increase recruitment, bringing its valuation to $3.5 billion. The round was led by Coatue Management and Valiant Peregrine Fund, with participation by Base10’s Advancement Initiative.



Two Matillion coworkers standing together




What they do: Matillion provides transformation and integration for data stored in the cloud. Companies with cloud-based data storage can create custom workflows and pipelines using Matillion’s no-code interface.

One to watch: CEO Matthew Scullion was featured in Datanami’s People to Watch 2022. In the interview, Scullion spoke to the big data news site about the importance of being able to transform large amounts of data, as data becomes more necessary for success in every industry.

Matillion 2.0: In November, Matillion updated its Data Loader to 2.0, improving overall efficiency, workflow and universality. Its hybrid-SaaS system gives companies direct control over high-security data pipelines.



Oil drilling derricks at desert oilfield for fossil fuels output and crude oil production from the ground



What they do: Crusoe Energy Systems is doing its part to both increase computational power and reduce wasteful emissions from oil harvesting. Its systems capture wasted energy and use it to power AI, cryptocurrency mining and computation-intensive research.

Worth watching: Crusoe was featured in Built In Colorado’s 22 to Watch in 2022, a curated list of startups that caught our attention. Crusoe made the list because of their ambitious goals of meeting energy demand responsibly.

Mining and Refining: Bitmain allocated its new top-of-the-line Bitcoin mining technology, ANTMINER S19 XP, to further increase the energy efficiency of their cryptocurrency mining by 27 percent. By using excess emissions in the mining process, Crusoe is attempting to mitigate the environmental impact of cryptocurrency.



Toastmasters company softball team



What they do: Toastmasters is an educational nonprofit that teaches leadership and public speaking skills through a global network of clubs. Members find the club that’s closest to them and are assigned a mentor to help them advance their skills.

Keeping up engagement: In a previous conversation with Built In, Translations Manager Anette Dunning talked about how she keeps her team excited and motivated by giving them a sense of ownership in their own work.

“I empower my team to take responsibility for projects with minimal supervision and trust them to use their best judgment,” said Dunning. “In return, they trust me to bring positive as well as constructive feedback.”

A toast to veterans: Toastmasters has several programs in place to help them prioritize hiring military veterans. This includes participation in veteran and spouse networking events and sharing training resources available for former military personnel.



Two Businessman hands holding smartphones



What they do: Reserve Trust is a B2B payment system. Notably, they have a direct connection to the Federal Reserve, which provides them complete independence from traditional banking.

Banking on communication: Reserve Trust has scaled tremendously in the past year, growing from 19 to 80 team members. In a conversation with Built In, Krystal Cooper, director of people and culture, revealed that they keep their company culture positive through this scaling with a focus on communication and collaboration.

“Our leadership team is focused on fostering a positive culture that aligns with our business needs but also cares for our team members,” said Cooper.

Flexible work: Whether employees are working from home or in the office, Reserve Trust offers benefits that reflect the flexibility of work. For those who work remotely, the company offers a home office stipend, while office workers are provided with some meals and free parking.



Profile view of a businessman concentrating double exposed with investment charts



What they do: Pardon is a family-run business that manages the entrepreneurial endeavors of its founder, Nicholas Pardon. The company currently works as a digital publisher, investor, real-estate enterprise and nonprofit arts institution.

Quality benefits: The company offers several benefits to its employees, including comprehensive health insurance, tuition reimbursement and unlimited vacation.

Pardon our investing: Pardon’s founder has invested in a variety of companies with a wide range of goals. Some of these companies include social impact accelerator Uncharted, robotic coffee bar Cafe X and project-based art collection New, among others.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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