Colorado tech takes home nearly $160M in October

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Published on Nov. 01, 2016
Colorado tech takes home nearly $160M in October

Colorado companies brought in nearly $160 million in fresh funding dollars last month, bouncing back from a lackluster September. A few big fundings propelled the state’s number up nearly 360 percent, but smaller rounds also helped bump up the numbers. Check out the top five fundings below.


5. JumpCloud, $1.7 million, Oct. 13

Investors: Not disclosed

What they do: The company offers cloud-based directory services for enterprise users. Employees can connect with each other on the platform while allowing employers to manage devices and IT applications.

Recent news: JumpCloud upped its Series B offering to $10 million in October. The company had previously raised $4.25 million in that round, and its latest filing shows it raised a further $1.7 million.


4. MediaShift, $2.1 million, Oct. 5

Investors: Not disclosed

What they do: Ad blockers and fraud are reducing revenues for content providers around the world. MediaShift helps publishing companies and advertisers maintain cash flows while keeping customers coming back for more compelling content.

Recent news: This round of funding is part of a $12 million offering. The company is still accepting new funding. MediaShift raised $4.1 million back in February.


3. RxREVU, $3.3 million, Oct. 28

Investors: Not disclosed

What they do: Medications can be expensive. RxREVU lets patients and providers compare options, offering analysis on efficacy, cost and side effects to help patients find the right medication at an appropriate price.

Recent news: This latest funding builds on a round started more than two years ago. Back in April 2014, the company filed a notice announcing $540,000 in funding, but two fundings in October of this year bumped the amount raised in this round up to $3.8 million total.  


2. Welltok, $33.7 million, Oct. 6

Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, Georgian Partners, Emergence Capital, InterWest Partners, Sigma Partners, HLM Venture Partners, Flare Capital Partners, Trustmark, Qualcomm Life Fund, Hearst Health Ventures, Singapore-based EDBI, Okapi Venture Capital and Miramar Ventures

What they do: The healthtech company works with insurance providers to help consumers make healthy choices. By incentivizing health, Welltok aims to reduce costs and strain on the healthcare system.  

Recent news: This funding round will help the company expand into new markets and improve its CaféWell product offering, according to company officials. Welltok has raised $163 million in total. Its CEO Jeff Margolis is pictured above.


1. PaySimple, $115 million, Oct. 20

Investors: Providence Strategic Growth

What they do: Small businesses have a diverse range of software needs. By bundling payment services, appointment scheduling, invoicing and other needs, PaySimple reduces complexity for employees.  

Recent news: Funding will be used for growth, according to vice president of marketing Sarah Jordan. The company is also gaining a new board member in Providence Strategic Growth’s managing director Mark Hastings.


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