Looking for That ‘Aha’ Moment in Your Next Interview? Wowza Is Hiring Now.

With supportive colleagues, diverse representation and uplifting ERGs like “Women of Wowza,” job seekers are finding multiple reasons to accept their next big role.

Written by Tyler Holmes
Published on Jun. 02, 2022
Looking for That ‘Aha’ Moment in Your Next Interview? Wowza Is Hiring Now.
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Why did you accept your last role?

It’s a simple question that likely has a less-than-simple answer. Compensation, benefits packages and career growth possibilities are all common topics of conversation during a hiring interview — but for many, there is a deeper “aha” moment that shines a spotlight on the perfect role. And most often, that realization is tethered to a positive cultural experience.

Does the company offer a tight-knit remote culture that fosters collaboration while simultaneously empowering employees to unplug with family in their free time? Does leadership promote diverse voices from within the organization and offer multiple employee resource groups to unite co-workers? According to Built In’s research, it’s these snapshots of a company’s authentic culture that not only stand out to more than 60 percent of active job seekers, but also boast a 40 percent higher retention rate.

Built In Colorado sat down with Sophia Prochnow, a software engineer at Wowza Media Systems, to learn more about her “aha” moment to accept her current role, her favorite perk since joining the team and all the ways she’s been able to make a difference thanks to a company culture rooted in respect.

Sound like a great fit? Wowza just so happens to be hiring now.


A Snapshot of Wowza’s Culture

“Wowza has an awesome culture with some really fun people solving challenging problems for our customers! We also do great team BBQs and trivia events to keep our employees connected. Wowza is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all people to thrive in.”


Sophia Prochnow
Software Engineer • Wowza


What they do: Wowza Media Systems offers streaming technology to reduce the complexities of video and audio delivery to any device.


Mutual respect: “From my first interview with Wowza, I have felt incredible mutual respect from every one of my colleagues. It has been amazing to work on a team with smart and hardworking men and women who value each other’s ideas and input. It is great to see female representation in all areas of Wowza, especially on the development side.”


Favorite perk: “One of my favorite parts of Wowza is the Women of Wowza organization. It is a monthly meeting by and for the women of the company to share ideas, offer professional development advice, and work to create lasting change in the company. Just recently, we were able to increase the length of paid maternity leave at Wowza thanks to the incredible women on the committee.”



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Wowza and Shutterstock.

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