Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago before embarking on a multifaceted career that has included working the Chicago scene as a homicide reporter, writing as an international wine and travel journalist, and exploring the world of digital media and advertising.

As a native Texan, he is also extremely passionate about breakfast tacos (San Antonio reigns supreme) and the local music scene — in fact, he's probably at a show right now.

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A group of KPA employees working on a project.
At KPA, investing in employees means an investment in the business.
A group of hikers holds up a log to help others cross a gap in the trail.
In order to thrive in today’s unstable market, transparency is essential. Leaders at InspiringApps and OrthoFi share their biggest pieces of advice on building trust to achieve resiliency.
A group of Nymbl Science employees during a meeting.
As a healthcare company empowering older adults to lead thriving and independent lives, CEO Ed Likovich reveals his insights around the power and importance of balance.
A man prepares to go into the office for his first day starting a new job.
For leaders at these three Colorado tech organizations, diverse viewpoints and unique professional backgrounds are the secret ingredient to a thriving environment.
Man writing on board while others watch.
For technologists looking to make a difference in their career, three leaders at DISH Wireless explain how their teams are shaping the future possibilities of wireless communication.
A scenic sunset view of the Denver skyline.
With a brand new year rapidly approaching, companies are already thinking ahead about their go-to-market strategies — and the successful candidates they need to reach their goals.
CircleCI team member working from home
Employees at CircleCI are motivated to ‘fail fast’ in order to achieve future success even faster. What does that success look like? Rapid scaling, more diverse teams and rich career growth opportunities.
Illustration of digital hands shaking with arms made of blockchain security digital technology
In employee-manager relationships, trust and respect are crucial. Here’s how two Colorado tech leaders are setting their employees up for success through positive connections reinforced by chains of authenticity.
Interviewee shaking hands with an interviewer
With supportive colleagues, diverse representation and uplifting ERGs like “Women of Wowza,” job seekers are finding multiple reasons to accept their next big role.
Denver’s skyline at sunrise.
Learn how innovation at Vorto, Crusoe Energy Systems and Enquire translates to empowering company cultures and big hiring pushes.
Businessman cheerin g with his arms in the air
From innovative projects to truly passionate company cultures, these Colorado companies are prospering alongside their employees.
Aerial drone view of the Denver, Colorado skyline
From people-first benefits to making an environmental impact, these three companies are catching the tech scene’s attention.