10 most in-demand developer jobs in Colorado

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Published on Sep. 15, 2014
10 most in-demand developer jobs in Colorado


Colorado's tech sector is in the midst of a renaissance, and our startups need plenty of hardcore coders to keep things running and up to spec. But what kinds of developers are in the highest demand?

With some help from our own job board analytics, we've narrowed down the niches where savvy programmers can find the most rewarding work right now.

10. Javascript UI Developer

Javascript, or JS – not to be confused with Java – is a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles. It is most commonly used in web browsers, with implementations that allow users to interact with client-side scripts, but is also needed for game development, building mobile apps and working with those in the booming field of user interface design.

Find Javascript UI Developer jobs here.

9. Front End Developer

There's no substitute for a skilled FED, and those with the maddest coding skills have their pick of sectors, companies, and projects.

Find Front End Developer jobs here.

8. Ruby On Rails Application Developer

Ruby On Rails is an full-stack open-source web application framework known for its versatility and for the lively community of developers who use it. Its core philosophy is the “Don't Repeat Yourself” principle, meaning that all information is located in a single, unambiguous place.

Find Ruby On Rails Application Developer jobs here.

7. J2EE Engineer

J2EE, or Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, is Oracle's Java computing platform of choice. Its design is based mostly on modular components running on application servers, and is primarily developed in the Java programming language.

Find J2EE Engineer jobs here.

6. Software Engineer

The best software engineers can write highly scalable code that handles millions of queries each day. Their projects include platform services, applications, and more.

Find Software Engineer jobs here.

5. Senior Android Developer

There is a large and passionate community of coders dedicated to developing applications for Google's Android platform. It provides an open and highly competitive landscape, encouraging ample experience and experimentation.

Find Senior Android Developer jobs here.

4. QA Test Automation Engineer

Everyone who has been through buggy programs and beta testing knows the value of a QA tester with a strong engineering background. These jobs require making sure everything is up to snuff before new products launch to the public at large.

Find QA Test Automation Engineer jobs here.

3. .NET Web Developer

The .NET Framework was developed by Microsoft, primarily for Windows applications, and remains enormously popular. It offers a large Framework Class Library, or FCL, and provides language interoperability across several programming languages, allowing separate languages to use each other's code.

Find .NET Developer jobs here.

2. Front End Craftsman

To the uninitiated, it may look like lots of Colorado startups are searching for the right drill or weed eater. But what this title means is that outstanding client-side UI developers who can build responsive web apps and collaborate with highly skilled designers are in very high demand right now.

Find Front End Craftsman jobs here.

1. Support Engineer

A support engineer serves as a company's tech ombudsman, raising customer concerns with an impeccable knowledge of development and code and a problem-solving attitude. The best of these jobs require diverse technical know-how, along with the will and patience to get things right.

Find Support Engineer jobs here.

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