MotoRefi Expands to Denver, AgriWebb Launches in U.S., and More CO Tech News

February 16, 2021
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Denver has become a hotspot for tech companies recently. Several companies are moving to the Mile High City and digging in their roots. Find out what’s new on the Colorado tech scene from last week. This is the Built in Colorado weekly refresh.

Quantum Metric will stay in ColoradoThe Colorado Springs-based company had a tremendous start to 2021, securing $200 million in venture capital and reaching a unicorn valuation in a funding round announced last month. But, according to CEO Mario Ciabarra, Quantum Metric has no plans to move the company’s headquarters even as it grows. Ciabarra says he believes the company could reach a headcount of 800 or more within two years. [Colorado Springs Gazette]

MotoRefi to open a Denver HQThis auto refinancing startup from Arlington, Virginia, is on the lookout for a 20,000-square-foot office space in Denver. Its goal is to open up a second headquarters in addition to its D.C.-area base. After tripling its employee count to 150 last year, MotoRefi is anticipating tapping into Denver’s tech talent pool. [Denver Business Journal]

Colorado Tech Quote of the Week

“Our mission at AgriWebb has always been to improve the lives of ranchers, large and small, through technology. We’ve seen the impact our technology can have with over 5,000 ranchers using it and are excited to now empower American ranchers to leverage their data to grow their businesses profitably and sustainably.” —Kevin Baum, AgriWebb’s co-founder and CEO

AgriWebb makes its U.S. debutHeadquartered in Sydney, Australia, this agtech company announced the U.S. launch of its ranch management platform from its Denver location. Its software allows users to input their records on or offline, digitizing all their data and allowing them to keep tabs on all aspects of their livestock and land. It currently serves over 5,000 ranchers worldwide. [Built in Colorado]

Denver could be the next big tech hubJames Eberhard, the CEO of Denver-based company Fluid Truck, gave insights as to why Denver was his top choice to build his tech company. Offering a diverse pool of tech talent, low tax rates ideal for early stage companies and a low cost of living for workers, Eberhard says Denver has proven to be a city that allows for sustainable company growth and abundant tech opportunities. [Business Insider]

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