Colorado techies weigh in on the best employee perks their companies offer

by April Bohnert
June 15, 2018

Few professionals sign on with a new company because of the perks alone, but even fewer would deny that they’re an important factor in a person’s overall happiness at work. Companies know this, and in response, they’re offering perks that go way beyond healthcare and free La Croix.

We asked local techies to weigh in on their favorite perks offered by their companies — including those not listed in the benefits package.


Screen Pilot employee perks Colorado
Photo courtesy of Screen Pilot.

As a marketing and advertising agency for travel and hospitality brands, Screen Pilot is keenly familiar with the “life” part of the work-life balance equation. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve crafted a list of perks that help employees find that balance in their own lives — both in the office and beyond. Members of the team explained which perks matter most to them and the impacts those perks have.


What’s your number one favorite perk or benefit your company offers, and why?

Mandy Muszynski, lead account executive: My new favorite work perk is yoga. Our company has started Yoga Wednesdays, which really help you mentally and physically de-stress and allow you to focus on how to better yourself as a person. I appreciate the fact that they care about our mental and physical health enough to hire someone to come to the office each week and lead us in yoga. It really has helped me de-stress in the middle of the day and come back to work with a good mindset.


What's the most underrated (but awesome) perk your company offers?

Cori Uddenberg, content marketing specialist: The most underrated Screen Pilot perk by far is our professional development stipend. Every employee is given $500 to pursue personal development, and our CEO is generous about what he views as worthy of that stipend. This allows employees to explore something they're passionate about, even if it's not fully complementary to their job function. Screen Pilot makes it a priority in many ways to invest in the person behind the professional, and this stipend is a unique representation of that effort.


What are some of the other great perks of working for your company that aren't actually part of the perks package?

Rachel Anderson, director of content marketing: We participate in volunteering team days several times a year. Most recently, we visited Big Bones Canine Rescue here in Colorado and spent the day building kennels, socializing the dogs, painting, cleaning and other miscellaneous job duties. It's days like this that really bring us together in a unique way — outside of the typical team-building exercises and work environments.


Connect First employee perks Colorado
Photo courtesy of Connect First.

Connect First delivers cloud-based contact center software for businesses of all sizes. When they’re not busy helping businesses help their customers, they’re focused on building a culture of respect and encouraging healthy work-life balance. HR admin Alex Yoo shed some light on her favorite employee perks.


What is your number one favorite perk or benefit that your company offers, and why?

My favorite perk at Connect First is having dogs at work! I am a dog lover, and dogs are a big part of our company dynamic. They provide a way to get to know other people in the office who are outside your department. Also, dogs are a great therapeutic way to help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that can happen at work.


What’s the most underrated (but awesome) perk your company offers?

We have a fitness pass that not nearly enough people take advantage of — myself included. Essentially, it’s a monthly allowance through ThrivePass that you can use for gyms, classes and other fitness reimbursements. It’s a nice benefit but also a good way to encourage healthy choices.


What are some of the other great perks of working for your company that aren’t actually part of the perks package?

The mutual respect and trust that people have for each other at Connect First is really special. By respecting and trusting in one another, we can also respect and trust in our work ethic. This allows for a certain flexibility in work schedules, freedom to work in different locations and a great work-life balance.


BlueModus employee perks Colorado
Photo courtesy of BlueModus.

BlueModus is a full-service digital agency, offering development, marketing and infrastructure services for businesses around the globe. Senior Project Manager Chris Calcao explained what he loves about his company’s perks package.


What is your number one favorite perk or benefit your company offers, and why?

Hands down my favorite perk at BlueModus is our company outings. These range from quick kickball games at Cheesman Park to a full day of activities such as skydiving or an escape room.


What's the most underrated (but awesome) perk your company offers?

Lunch four days a week. Not because we get to save on buying lunch ourselves, but because we all sit down together as an agency to have lunch. We’re like a big family.


What are some of the other great perks of working for your company that aren't actually part of the perks package?

Honestly, we have so many — group outings, free lunches, and a better than average healthcare package — but the real perk is the people. I’m surrounded by passionate and intelligent people who really love what they do. We really want to collaborate and work together. I’m really fortunate to be here.


Healthgrades employee perks Colorado
Photo courtesy of Healthgrades.

Healthgrades provides an online platform for reviewing and researching healthcare professionals and hospitals in your area. As experts in healthcare, they offer a slew of perks dedicated to mental, professional and physical wellness. Benefits manager Kaci Martens gave us the inside scoop on the benefits she’s most proud to offer her teammates.


What is your number one favorite perk or benefit your company offers, and why?

Our Fuel Wellness Program is by far my favorite! I take pride in working for a company that supports a holistic approach to employee well-being. Our incentivized challenges focus in areas of nutrition, fitness and mental health, and provide an opportunity for employees to partner across all of our locations outside of work-related tasks.

Our most popular challenge included giant murals designed by our internal creative team and set up in each office where employees were encouraged to step away from their desks and color with their coworkers.

We also host onsite events such as yoga, massages and financial seminars, as well as fund outside events including soccer teams and 5k fun runs. Our employees work extremely hard towards the success of the company, so it’s a great to see the company give back through this program.


What's the most underrated (but awesome) perk your company offers?

It’s a tie between our Employee Assistance Program and Volunteer Day. Our EAP is a free confidential service available to all employees and their dependents that provides guidance and support in areas of work-life needs, including new and expectant parents, financial and legal concerns, and confidential counseling.

Healthgrades also pays for employees to take a full day away from work and volunteer with an organization of their choosing. As the areas of mental health and work life balance continue to be primary factors contributing to overall well-being, it’s critical for employees to have employer-sponsored resources to help navigate life’s challenges and further gain a sense of self-worth.  


What are some of the other great perks of working for your company that aren't actually part of the perks package?

The potential for advancement has always been something I’ve been impressed with while working at Healthgrades. I’ve experienced first-hand the opportunity from my managers to develop an entirely new role that not only aligns with my long-term career goals but also supports my team and the needs of the business.

In addition, the training and development opportunities are fantastic. Whether you want to shadow other areas of the business, attend offsite seminars or networking events, or pursue continuing education, Healthgrades has a number of resources at your fingertips.

Lastly — and quite possibly the biggest perk — is my team! I’ve been lucky enough to work with a diverse and passionate group of HR professionals across multiple locations that have supported me both personally and professionally. On days when everything turns into chaos, it’s these folks that hold it together.


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