8 of Colorado tech's best office anthems

by Jess Ryan
April 29, 2016

Is there a song ​everyone on your team gets down to when it comes on the rotation? Do you have a tune you blast when you’ve had a major win? Does everyone sing a particular ditty super loudly at the post-happy hour happy hour?

If you work for a Colorado startup, chances are your team's got an office anthem. We asked some local companies to share their favorites with us:

"Our team has the tradition of blasting the Top Gun soundtrack every Friday at 2 p.m. We've been going strong with this for a year now... It's not Friday until you hear Kenny Loggins." — Erin Hallows, 

While we encourage our team to work how they want and where they want, we just opened a brand new office in the heart of downtown. It is open to anyone who wants a collaborative office environment, a place for team meet-ups and lunches, or just a day off of Zoom!


"Our company's informal motto is 'in it to win it' and 'sales is a team sport' so it emphasizes our collaborative culture of closing deals together." — Jessica Haber, 

Located in the heart of RiNo, our office is surrounded by colorful street murals, eclectic breweries and some of Denver's best restaurants.


"Much debate on the winning songs from our end!" — Michele Connors, 

. Debate was so fierce, they also submitted a few They Might Be Giants songs and Lady Gaga.


"Hands down." — Sarah Miller, 

We're located in the vibrant Cherry Creek north neighborhood in Denver.


"At our 2013 Holiday Party everyone got on the dance floor when that song came on, led by our cofounders (ER physicians). Somehow a blackmailable video was made of the event that every once in awhile surfaces to humiliate all of us who participated in the antics." — Sam Schreiner, 

iTriage also has songs for each of their teams: "Deceptacon" by Le Tigre, "Come with Me Now" by KONGOS, "Conquest of Paradise " by Vangelis, "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and "Kung Fu Fighting" by CeeLo Green.


"We have a Slack channel called 'The Danger Zone,' which is where the vast majority of our funniest internal Slack conversations take place: gifs, videos, taco bidding wars — you can find all that and more in #thedangerzone." — Charlotte Whitmore, 


"Every week we have a scrum meeting where our teams go through their pipelines on what they think is going to close or any help the reps need with closing deals they ask other people. We put on 'Get Up, Stand Up' by Bob Marley and the entire office sings!" — Kelli Ward, 


"Just a fun song that everyone knows the words to!" — Deidra Robison, 

Our Boulder campus is located in the 29th Street Mall where employees can benefit from access to restaurants, retail, fitness and more!


In case you want to jam out to all these songs together, or check out the other tunes that were submitted, we created a nifty Spotify playlist you can follow:


Email or Tweet us your own office anthems, and we'll add 'em to the playlist!

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