Layer3 TV is launching a service, while still in stealth

January 25, 2016

has been operating in LoDo since mid-2014, but has been silent about what they’re up to. Even after pulling in a massive $51 million Series A round last year, the company continued operating in stealth. Now, it appears that details of what they've been working on are finally starting to emerge. 

Variety magazine reported last week that Layer3 TV was quietly testing a new service in Texas under the brand Umio. The company remained characteristically silent when we reached out for details, but Layer3 TV's logo is prominently displayed across Umio's website.

Umio is currently operating in beta in Midland and Kingwood, Texas, and promises to modernize the television watching experience. The service utilizes a modern set-top box that apparently takes care of your Internet and television needs. The service offers all of the channels you'd get from existing cable television packages, including local and premium channels. The box is 4k-ready, offers 400 hours of DVR space, and somehow integrates social media into the television watching experience. 

The website isn’t clear how it works, but Umio says you’ll be able to put a TV anywhere there’s a power outlet — eliminating the need for a cable jack. 

The company is offering people the service for free for two months, in return for feedback. No word on how much it'll cost after that. 


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