SportsLabs revs up to manage thousands of live sporting events

by Amy Connell
February 20, 2014


This year’s Super Bowl online feed drew 2.1 million unique users, making it the most watched live stream sports event in history. And a Colorado company most people have never heard of is capitalizing on this trend. SportsLabs is currently pacing to manage more than 15,000 live video/audio sporting events from over 40,000 live feeds and serve more than 3 billion ad impressions.

“Sports fans have always had an insatiable appetite for the latest news, the latest updates, the latest scores and player stats,” Senior Vice President Nancy Beaton said. “What’s changed is that there are now new options for receiving sports content.”

If anyone ever doubted the market for sports content, ESPN set that notion aside when it launched in1979. Today, ESPN broadcasts on seven U.S. cable channels and on 24 international networks, reaching all seven continents and well over 2.5 million viewers on an average sports day.

Headquartered in an expansive office off Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder, SportsLabs develops digital content platforms and products connecting two distinct markets: 1) content creators and rights holders, and 2) content consumers. The company was founded with a vision of bringing the best of technology to the sports arena (literally): Silver Chalice CEO Brooks Boyer, COO Jason Coyle and President John Burris.

As part of the Silver Chalice family, SportsLabs, based in Boulder, is the technology division that works closely with sports teams, conferences and content aggregators to help them develop and run profitable digital businesses, live-streaming events, news, team and player stats, rosters, records, social commentary and more. Content providers include the ACC and Mountain West Conferences, Raycom and more than 60 colleges and universities, including the University of Notre Dame. SportsLabs unique offering includes a feature-rich digital platform, product development and specialized acumen around business models and audience development.

But content owners aren’t the only ones to benefit from SportsLabs’ unique offerings. Sports fans now have new and enriched channels for consuming sports information. Covering traditional “arena” sports such as football and baseball, as well as Olympic events such as volleyball, cross-country, soccer and tennis, SportsLabs enables event attendees to live stream expert and community commentary, and at-home fans watch events not covered by traditional broadcast media.

“We recently received feedback from parents who were able to watch their daughter play a tennis match at Notre Dame,” Beaton said. “That was not possible before.”

SportsLabs makes these live streams possible by tapping into the large and growing pool of talented engineers and is looking forward to adding to their sports-minded team and currently has a team of 45 and growing.





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