Why Monigle is Our Company to Watch This Summer

For decades, the marketing tech company has solidified its presence in the local business landscape — and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jun. 18, 2024
Why Monigle is Our Company to Watch This Summer
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From fresh mountain air to world-class festivals, there’s always something to celebrate during a Colorado summer. And as beauty and fun flourish among the state’s historic streets, another local landmark raises its head toward the sun, leveraging a combination of technical expertise and artistic expression. 

For several decades, Monigle has been a hallmark of the state’s business landscape, solidifying itself as a tried-and-true marketing tech partner. With a focus on “humanizing brands,” the company aims to support its clients’ projects from start to finish. 

But the best part for local job seekers isn’t just the opportunity to drive creative innovation — it’s the perks that come with it, too. With a robust benefits package that includes unlimited PTO and generous parental leave, the company enables its people to prioritize their own health and wellness while helping the company amplify its impact. 

These top-notch perks, coupled with exciting business developments, make Monigle a standout. Read on to learn why the organization has been named our top Colorado company to watch this summer. 


Founded in 1972, Monigle is a brand experience agency that works with organizations across a wide range of industries, such as financial services, healthcare and technology. The company’s services include custom journey mapping, brand valuation, ecosystem design and workplace branding. 

Perks and Benefits

  • Company-sponsored outings, family events and happy hours
  • Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff
  • Job training, lunch-and-learns and a mentorship program
  • 401(k) and charitable contribution matching
  • Flexible work schedule with unlimited PTO


In the News: Earlier this year, Monigle announced that its brand management platform, Beam, would become its own standalone company. In a press release, Beam CEO Steve Foster shared, “Launching as a standalone company gives Beam the freedom to operate as a SaaS software provider, delivering faster growth, increased value and more delighted customers.”



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