How Ping Identity has achieved its fastest growth yet - without sacrificing culture

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Published on Apr. 30, 2014


[ibimage==27365==Medium==none==self==ibimage_align-right]It’s no doubt that Ping Identity is a staple of Colorado tech - and Ping’s stronghold in the community has only increased over the past year as its employee base passes 350.

As their team grows, they are simultaneously taking over the identity security arena. Overall, Ping is “moving quickly as a corporation,” director of talent acquisition Brenda Moss said. (Moving quickly towards a 2014 IPO? We can’t help but speculate!)

Ping’s recent moves include adding “game-changing mobile capabilities” via last month’s acquisition of Israel-based accells technologies not to mention raising $44 million in July 2013. Even with all that leverage, the team still is still hard at work to be the No. 1 cloud-based identity management software.

“We are heads-down building out the next generation identity and access management platform that's needed in an increasingly cloud-based, mobilized business world,” Jil Backstrom, director of corporate communications, said.

Because mobile identity proposes challenges to the user and security of the majority of technologies today, Ping’s featured platforms - such as PingOne and PingFederate - have become extremely valuable to the over 900 companies and government organizations that use it.

Emphasizing both culture and performance as they grow

But, if you attended Ping’s party during last year’s Startup Crawl (which featured a lifesize game of Angry Birds), you undoubtedly know they always maintain their upbeat company culture throughout the hard work.

“Ping is all about emphasizing culture and performance equally,” Moss said. “We don’t forsake either as we try to become a highly performing organization in an industry advancing so quickly.”

As they advance to become leaders in the industry, Moss said she makes sure each team member is advancing individually in their careers as well.

“We’re always celebrating the small wins and saying thank you to each other,” Moss said. “Without great and happy people, we’ll fail.”

Want to meet the “great and happy leaders” that make up the Ping team?


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