No ‘Stream’ Without ‘Team’: How FluentStream Technologies Is Making Waves in DEI

Three women credit FluentStream’s mentorship program for fostering an environment where they feel valued, heard and empowered.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on May. 14, 2024
No ‘Stream’ Without ‘Team’: How FluentStream Technologies Is Making Waves in DEI
Image: FluentStream Technologies
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 “Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords — they’re pillars of a thriving workplace culture.” 

That’s the belief of FluentStream Technologies Customer Support Specialist Lauren Coleman, and she’s not alone. Numerous studies support her convictions. A recent survey of 1,700 companies across eight countries found that organizations with diverse management enjoy 19 percent more revenue from innovation projects and better financial outcomes. 

“Embracing diversity in all its forms enriches our perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among employees,” Coleman added. 



Built In research revealed that diverse companies:

  • Generate 19% more revenue.
  • Have 2.3 times as much cash flow.
  • Are 15% more likely to exceed median industry profits.
  • Are preferred by three out of four workers.


The CEO Magazine calls these companies “kaleidoscope companies” — and if you ask employees like Coleman, Rachael Bewley and Caley Dow, FluentStream is one of them.



FluentStream offers communications software to small and mid-size companies. While founded in Denver, its team of over 73 remote employees work remotely in over 25 states.


DEI for All

What do women across all industries share? Their journeys are filled with highs and lows. 

Throughout her tech industry career, Coleman primarily provided customer service and tech support in a call center. While she found this experience valuable, she faced gender biases and stereotypes. Everything changed when she joined FluentStream, where she gained access to coding education and secured her first technical role. 

What attracted Coleman to the company was its DEI initiatives and open-door policy. Everyone’s voice is valued, and employees are encouraged to share feedback and ideas, Coleman shared 

“During Black History Month, I took the initiative to spotlight black women who’ve made impactful contributions to the tech industry daily, aiming to educate and inspire my colleagues within the company,” she said.

She also launched a new post thread called “Tech Her Out Tuesday” to foster education and inspiration among her colleagues. The thread was designed to acknowledge the achievements of women and foster dialogue about gender diversity. 

It’s something Coleman and her coworkers are passionate about. At FluentStream, it’s not uncommon to see women excelling, as Coleman noted that two of the company’s recent promotions — including her own — were awarded to women for newly created positions. 

“Finding an environment that values my experiences has strengthened my passion for DEI advocacy,” Coleman added. “By sharing my experiences, I aim to foster a more equitable workplace and inspire the next generation of women, showing them their dreams are achievable career paths.”

But the company doesn’t just create a supportive environment for its employees; it provides regular donations to organizations that share its mission. 

FluentStream recently allowed employees to decide where the company’s charitable contributions should go — Integration Diligence Manager Rachael Bewley noted that the company now contributes to ACLU and Girls Who Code as a result. 


Infinite Development Opportunities

Like Coleman, Bewley’s journey to FluentStream took an unconventional route. Before shifting to tech in 2018, Bewley was an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry. Since then, she’s worked to carve out her niche within tech, with her role at FluentStream continuously evolving.

For women at FluentStream, comprehensive professional development is available that reimburses various educational opportunities, including memberships to professional organizations, webinars and degree programs. PeopleOps leaders consistently evaluate the company to pinpoint and address areas for improvement, ensuring a supportive and ever-evolving environment. 

Recently, Bewley used the education reimbursement to earn a certification in post-merger integration. This year, she plans to use the stipend for a mentoring and coaching program. 

FluentStream also distinguishes itself with its mentorship culture. Many accomplished women in senior-level positions are eager to mentor others, offering support and guidance for career growth and development. 

“The majority of the company’s leadership and executive team are women, and I’ve felt incredibly supported by each of them personally and professionally,” Bewley shared. “Even though we’re a remote company, these women have a breadth of experience, and they’re quick to share feedback, advice and wisdom.” 


“The women on our leadership team have a breadth of experience, and they’re quick to share feedback, advice and wisdom.” 


In Caley Dow’s 15 years in the industry, she’s witnessed significant evolution. Since her first role, she, too, has had mentors like FluentStream’s COO and CFO — who have not only guided her through the industry but also empowered her to advance her career. This support has led her to her current position as the company’s vice president of service delivery. 

“Through these women, I see examples of intelligent, strong-willed women who are unapologetically intimidating, but also exhibit humility and professionalism at every turn,” Dow noted.

While FluentStream embraces all forms of diversity, not every company does. It was refreshing to join a team where she was encouraged to speak up and seize her seat at the table, rather than holding back, Dow shared. 

Early in their careers at other companies, Bewley and Dow were advised not to dominate discussions, with Dow recalling a former boss who found her intimidating and suggested she scale back her opinions. Since then, both women have been fortunate to have supportive role models and advocates in the industry, particularly at FluentStream, where employees are uplifted rather than undermined. 


The FluentStream team at a company event.
FluentStream Technologies


Around The Clock Support

FluentStream’s support transcends working hours — supporting Dow and other women balancing careers and family growth. In support of this, the company has fostered a sense of community amongst other working parents who are also navigating the challenges of parenthood while maintaining professional identities. 

Dow utilizes a mentorship program, Momiculture, a coaching company focused on creating a community for working parents.

“Through these relationships, I’ve gained a sense of belonging and have been able to process personal situations with fresh perspectives and sympathetic eyes,” she said.


“Through these relationships, I’ve gained a sense of belonging and have been able to process personal situations with fresh perspectives and sympathetic eyes.”


This support, coupled with the mentorship from FluentStream, has been essential as employees navigate their career and family growth simultaneously — and the team is passionate about paying it forward.


FluentStream employees on stage being photographed by another team member. 
FluentStream Technologies


“In my time at FluentStream, I’ve taken great pride in paying forward our growth,” Dow told Built In. “That means offering stretch opportunities for career advancement, mentorship as needed and fostering a flexible, trusting environment. It’s about empowering our team to excel in their work while prioritizing their own well-being and that of their families and communities.”



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by FluentStream Technologies.

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