KPA Launches Contractor Management Software Product

Its newest solution addresses businesses’ contractor management and training compliance needs.

Published on Jul. 09, 2024
KPA Launches Contractor Management Software Product

KPA, a company specializing in workplace environmental, health and safety, or EHS, compliance software, has recently launched a new software solution called Contractor Management. This product is designed to manage the complexities of third-party contractor compliance as organizations increasingly rely on external labor. 

Contractor Management is a standalone solution that works within KPA’s Flex software suite. The solution aims to streamline the contractor onboarding process, provide real-time visibility into contractor performance and ensure compliance. It features configurable prequalification requirements, a contractor portal, contractor compliance scoring and risk rating as well as tailored contractor training modules. 

These tools can integrate with existing HR, EHS and accounting systems to offer a scalable solution that enhances efficiency and reduces administrative burdens. KPA’s goal is to provide an all-in-one integrated and comprehensive solution to manage compliance and workplace EHS.

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