11 Colorado Startups Shaking Up the Healthcare Industry

Colorado’s got its head in the health tech game, with many companies seeking to revolutionize healthcare.

Written by Jess Ryan
Published on Aug. 29, 2023
11 Colorado Startups Shaking Up the Healthcare Industry
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Colorado’s got its head in the healthtech game, with organizations like Catalyst HTI preparing to bring private enterprise, government, nonprofit and academic organizations together in order to revolutionize healthcare.

And while many of Colorado’s top healthtech companies are new to the scene, we’ve also got some companies that continue to make an impact on the industry, decades after getting their start.

Top Healthcare Companies in Denver, Colorado

  • Alto Pharmacy
  • DispatchHealth
  • CirrusMD
  • NurseFly
  • Healthgrades
  • OrthoFi
  • SonderMind
  • Virta Health

We've rounded up 16 promising healthtech players — both new and old — shaking up this rapidly-changing landscape.


Alto Pharmacy
Alto Pharmacy

Location: Denver

Founded: 2015

What they do: Alto Pharmacy is changing the way people manage and fill their prescriptions with its tech-driven, patient-centric online pharmacy. Patients can go online, talk with an expert, and get their prescriptions filled and even delivered in the same day.


dispatchhealth healthcare company colorado

Location: Denver

What they do: DispatchHealth is a provider of mobile and virtual healthcare options. By using the company’s app, patients can request care, the company’s medical providers will promptly review symptoms and then get the correct type of care to the patient via virtual advice or a visit from a medical professional.

Founded: 2013

Funding: $34.4M



Location: Denver

What they do: For some people, accessing a doctor can be a challenge. CirrusMD wants to make it easier. Founded in 2012, the Denver-based company provides a virtual care platform allowing users the opportunity to chat with a doctor and get immediate answers regarding anything from swollen legs to strange bumps. They also have physician representatives and health care reps on hand to make sense of health insurances and pill dosages.

Founded: 2012



ghx healthcare company colorado

Location: Louisville

What they do: Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) helps healthcare organizations save money and provide better care through cloud-based technology. GHX’s solutions include supply chain optimization, business intelligence implementation and compliance training.

Founded: 2000

Funding: Undisclosed



According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, nearly half of the 60 million Americans diagnosed with mental health conditions don’t get treatment. Coming up with a solution to this lack of access isn’t quite as simple, but SonderMind is creating a behavioral health marketplace that matches users up with therapists based on their insurance, unique needs and location, among other factors. After launching in late 2017, SonderMind has raised $5.9 million, including $3 million in April 2019.


healthgrades healthcare company colorado

Location: Denver

What they do: Healthgrades’ mission is to ensure people have access to information about medical care. The site initially focused on hospital ratings but has expanded to include patient-sourced reviews of providers and a feature allowing patients to search for providers based on factors like specialty and procedures.

Founded: 1998

Funding: $18 million



Location: Denver

What they do: NurseFly provides the best tools to connect healthcare professionals with the best employment opportunities. Our vision is to take the headache out of finding a great travel job and to enable healthcare facilities and staffing agencies to make better hiring decisions, ultimately serving patients more safely and efficiently.

Founded: 2017


orthofi heathcare company colorado

Location: Denver

What they do: OrthoFi helps orthodontists grow their businesses and simplify their lives. Their software and service solution works with orthodontists’ practices to pull in new patients and manages insurance, along with patient processing and collection. From the consumer side, OrthoFi helps patients find orthodontists based on skill, specialty and experience — and it gives consumers the power to create payment plans to fit their budgets.

Founded: 2013

Funding: $3.7 million


orderly health healthcare company colorado
Orderly Health

Location: Denver

What they do: Graduates of both the Stanford Ignite Program and Techstars Boulder, Orderly Health’s platform uses natural language processing to make it easier for patients to understand their healthcare costs. Patients can text Orderly Health questions related to issues like account and deductible balances, the location of in-network providers and the cost of medications. Employers connect the platform to the company’s health plans so it has the most up-to-date information.

Founded: 2015

Funding: $220,000


Virta Health healthcare startups Colorado
Virta Health

Location: Denver

Founded: 2014

What they do: Virta Health offers clinically-proven treatment options to patients with type-2 diabetes without the use of medications or surgical procedures. The company’s services provide continuous remote medical care and individualized nutrition therapy, proactively providing virtual coaching and care services as well as sustainable carbohydrate restriction plans to help patients reverse type-2 diabetes long term.


prime health healthcare company colorado
Prime HEalth

Location: Denver

What they do: With more than 1,200 members, Prime Health’s goal is to stimulate the local digital health ecosystem. They’ve developed a process with which to qualify, test and assist their member companies in the development of new innovations while helping to integrate them into the healthcare delivery system. They also partner with larger organizations to plan events, summits, bootcamps and challenges all designed to support Colorado’s digital health community.

Founded: 2012

Funding: Members have raised more than $34 million


C3LX healthcare company colorado

Location: Broomfield

What they do: C3LX focuses on encouraging patients to choose healthy behaviors in order to prevent disease and illness. Their mobile app tackles prediabetes prevention, walking consumers through important behavioral changes while taking psychological, social and behavioral factors into account. Users have access to gamified challenges, integrations with tools like Fitbit and a supportive community.

Founded: 2014

Funding: N/A


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