Going Local: 5 Local Tech Cos for Your Business

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Published on Apr. 24, 2014
Going Local: 5 Local Tech Cos for Your Business

So, you’re opening up shop in Colorado? Here are five local companies that will take your business to the next level. Making the switch to local has several advantages, including the opportunity to work with someone that is integrated in the local scene. This is beneficial in two ways: they can recommend potential partners and recommend your company to others. And, of course, engaging with someone face-to-face is always better than dealing with a customer service robot.




Everyone knows that conferences are a pain: something undoubtedly goes 

haywire.Denver-based ReadyTalk lets you host a variety of conferences, including mobile audio conferencing, webinars and video on a monthly pricing plan.











Stop wondering what your customers are thinking. Boulder-based SurveyGizmo lets you create snappy surveys using their robust database of templates and analyze the data through their multifaceted analytical tools.  










Interpreting exactly what social media data is significant to your company is a challenge. In 2012, Ed Messman and Dave Angulo identified the need for a platform to analyze the vast consumer relationship map and founded SpotRight out of Boulder. The SpotRight platform allows users to search through customizable graphs and extract valuable data to acquire potential customers.









A problem companies of all sizes face is ensuring that employees are each growing, learning and moving forward. Xyleme’s learning content management system includes three learning platforms which can be accessed from multiple devices.










Reward your employees in style by giving them a memorable experience 

instead of a fleeting gift. The site, founded by two adventure-seeking Boulderites, gives employers the option to choose from various genres such as getaways, relaxation and adventure.

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