Colorado tech tackles your gift list: 6 innovative gifts that'll run less than $100

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Published on Nov. 25, 2015
Colorado tech tackles your gift list: 6 innovative gifts that'll run less than $100

Drizly delivers booze just about anywhere in Colorado. Sure, you could have a six pack delivered to your own door, but there’s really nothing classier than having a bottle of 12 year old scotch sent to an unsuspecting friend or relative. The service charges $5 for delivery, but that’s nothing when considering the shock your friends will get upon opening the door and having a bottle of Macallan’s thrust into their hands. Mmm scotch. 

The Macallan 12 Year Sherry Oak 750ml Bottle, with delivery and tip: $76.19


GeekFuel is a subscription box service that delivers incredible and lovable geeky items monthly. If you have a friend who’s into Death Star shaped ice cubes or Dr. Who inspired bobble heads, look no further. 

3 Month’s of Boxes: $68.70


Knotty Tie designs and hand manufactures custom ties, scarves, pocket squares and bowties. They’ll team you up with a designer who will make even your most outlandish design specifications look good. The company hires refugees fleeing from conflict, so you could even say this counts as holiday philanthropy. 

1 tie, bow tie or scarf, with custom design services: $55-95



Sphere makes app controlled robots — which means it’s a perfect gift for just about anyone in the world. Their most recent robot, the BB-8 ($149.99), is featured in the soon-to-be released Star Wars movie. Sphero made a consumer version, which is available for the holiday season. If you’re not into Star Wars, the company has a whole line of other app controlled robots as well. 

Ollie: $99.99


Who doesn’t need a new bag? Hikers, businesspeople, fashionistas, travelers, students and just about everyone else could benefit from a swanky new bag. You can take a stab at getting them the perfect one, but realistically you would probably be better off just get getting a gift card.

Gift Card: $100


OK, so this one isn’t exactly under $100, unless you buy it for a couple with a newborn. The CS1 is the world’s first cinematic smartphone case. You slide your phone into it and it turns your iPhone into a professional and stylish video camera. As you might expect, this would make a great gift for a new family, or just about anyone else with an interest in cinematography. 

Lumenati CS1: $199

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