Colorado tech brought in more than $13M in May: here are the top 5 rounds

Written by Jess Ryan
Published on Jun. 01, 2016
Colorado tech brought in more than $13M in May: here are the top 5 rounds

In total, Colorado tech companies raised more than $13 million in May. Here is a look back at the top five rounds from last month.


5. Wayin, $753,000, May 4th

Investors: Not disclosed

Bio: “Wayin surfaces the best social trends and content to persuade audience action and drive marketing result.”

News: The company recently acquired United Kingdom-based EngageSciences and installed Richard Jones as their new CEO.


4. AppThis, $1 million, May 11th

Investors: Not disclosed

Bio: “AppThis was created as a global app discovery and mobile ad platform to provide more effective advertising on mobile devices.”

News: They recently opened an office in Tel Aviv, Israel.


3. Woot Math, $1.3 million, May 27th

Investors: Not disclosed

Bio: “Woot Math is focused on helping teachers customize learning for students who are struggling with core math concepts.”

News: The company won an Academics’ Choice Award this month.


2. InteliSecure, $4 million, May 25th

Investors: Not disclosed

Bio: “The InteliSecure team provides market-leading organizations around the world with the ability to secure current and future revenue and earnings with enhanced confidentiality, while maintaining optimal operational efficiency and reputational integrity.”

News: InteliSecure also announced plans to open an office in the United Kingdom.


1. P2binvestor, $5.1 million, May 3rd

Investors: Rockies Venture Club, Tech Coast Angels and Lubbock Angel Network

Bio: “P2Binvestor gathers funds from accredited lending institutions, then makes smaller loans to startups.”

News: The company will soon move into a new office at 11th and Lincoln.


Honorable mention: Personal Capital, $75 million, May 19th

Investors: IGM Financial

Bio: “We combine technology with world-class advisory services to deliver personalized wealth management. Personal Capital puts your entire financial life at your fingertips, and provides the tools to analyze where you are and how to get where you want to go.”

News: Personal Capital is based in California but has a considerable presence in their Denver office. They’re hiring for four roles right now and expect to hire more in Denver soon.


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