Want to get involved in a Colorado meetup group? Here are 5 great places to start

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Published on Jul. 24, 2017
Want to get involved in a Colorado meetup group? Here are 5 great places to start

Whether you’re an OG techie or you just landed your first tech job, one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to get immersed in the local tech community. Colorado abounds with tech-focused meetups and events where anyone can expand their skills, grow their networks and learn about the latest trends and technology in your field.

Here are five great tech-focused meetups to get you started.  




Founded: 2008

Members: 3,560

What it’s all about: Refresh Denver brings together developers, designers and other digital tech professionals to share knowledge and ideas. Meetups feature different tech leaders from around Colorado who focus on a variety of tech topics.

When they meet: The group meets every second Wednesday of the month.





Founded: 2012

Members: 2,608

What it’s all about: Women Who Code is an international nonprofit organization focused on building a community of women in technology. They provide opportunities for women to pursue careers in tech, sharpen their skills for career advancement, and build a network of other female technologists.

When they meet: The organization hosts a number of monthly study groups, events and hackathons that cover different types of tech tools and feature industry leaders.





Founded: 2006

Members: 12,901

What it’s all about: Despite its name, New Tech is one of the oldest and largest tech meetups in Colorado. The events give members the opportunity to present on different topics and demonstrate the new technology being developed throughout the community.

When they meet: Because of the size of the group, New Tech holds weekly meetups that rotate between Longmont, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver.





Founded: 2015

Members: 1,595

What it’s all about: TechrIoT is one of Colorado’s biggest Internet of Things communities. They gather professionals in the IoT space to collaborate, share ideas and drive innovation in the industry. They also run a six-month accelerator program for promising IoT startups.

When they meet: They hold regular meetups on the third Thursday of each month, in addition to other one-off tech events.





Founded: 2013

Members: 2,292

What it’s all about: This Colorado nonprofit serves the agile software development community in Denver and throughout the Front Range.

When they meet: Agile Denver holds meetups on the second Thursday and fourth Monday of each month.They also host a conference each year called Mile High Agile.



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