Colorado CEOs you don't know (but should): Peter Vogel, Plink

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Published on Dec. 12, 2013
Colorado CEOs you don't know (but should): Peter Vogel, Plink


Although Plink CEO Peter Vogel was an integral part of other Denver startups, like Adperio and, he had never taken one on himself as a CEO until founding Plink in 2011. Plink is an online-to-offline loyalty program that is now used at 35,000 restaurant and retailers across the US with customers such as Burger King, Red Robin and 7-Eleven on board. Built In Colorado got the scoop from the first-timer CEO on how he is managing this workload:

What should the Colorado startup community expect from Plink in the new year?

Right now, we're working on improving our mobile app and exploring ways that Plink can be integrated into the mobile wallet ecosystem. Everyone has a smartphone and, in a few years, everyone will pay for goods in stores and restaurants with that smartphone. Plink wants to be the loyalty layer within the smartphone and help motivate and reward those purchases. Many of the biggest companies in the world like Google, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Samsung, Apple and many more are all introducing mobile wallets; it's a massive opportunity for Plink.

You’ve been around the Denver startup community for a while now. How has it changed?

I'm very impressed by the growth in the Colorado tech community. With the amazing growth over at Galvanize and ongoing support of the start-up community from investors like Grotech Ventures and support from companies like Silicon Valley Bank, Rockies Venture Club, Built In Colorado and the CTA, Denver has become a true startup city. Denver is now a city that can provide the support, funding and tools a start-up needs to thrive.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a CEO?

I'd love to be a travel writer and, during a year off, I actually spent some time taking classes, writing and eventually got my first article published in Budget Travel magazine. That was short-lived, however and I was lured back into the startup world.

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