Food Health Company Bitewell Relocates Denver HQ

Bitewell’s new 14,000-square-foot office in RiNo will also serve as an innovation hub for guests to view its technology.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Sep. 19, 2023
Food Health Company Bitewell Relocates Denver HQ
A photo of bitewell's new office space.
Photo: Jim Harvey

Bitewell, a Denver foodtech company, announced its headquarters relocation to a larger space in the city. Bitewell is a digital food “farmacy” and online marketplace solution that lets employers offer food health benefits to employees. Its new office in Denver’s River North Art District will also serve as an innovation lab for team members and outside guests to observe bitewell’s food-as-healthcare technology in action.

“Our goal is to transform healthcare from a sick care system to a well-care system with a focus on food-as-medicine,” Samantha Citro Alexander, bitewell’s co-founder and CEO said in a statement, “Our new headquarters will be a functional case study that showcases how the bitewell mission can come to life inside any company and any facility.”

Nutrition experts and technologists at bitewell work to make healthy eating simpler and smarter. The company offers users a customized FoodHealth Score, similar to a credit score, that helps them measure how healthy the food they consume actually is.

Bitewell’s new 14,000-square-foot facility at The Hub North comes with a 270-degree view of the Denver landscape as well as several amenities and features. Employees can visit an on-site wellness lab for their preventative healthcare, as well as mini food “farmacies” equipped with bitwell’s FoodHealth Score technology. Additionally, the office features stadium seating, a fully functional kitchen and ample space for events and content creation.

The company’s office relocation is slated for sometime in September 2023.


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