5 innovative Colorado tech companies hiring this month

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Published on Apr. 23, 2015
5 innovative Colorado tech companies hiring this month



Why It’s Cool: Uh, it’s a company that builds smartphone-controlled robots. If that’s not enough, they designed one of the droids in the upcoming Star Wars film. Pretty sweet, right?

Best Benefit: Free beer, lots of catered food, flexible hours, free gym membership, free cell phone, and you get to play with robots all day long. Free beer + playing with highly sophisticated robots — what could go wrong?

Note From the Boss: “We look for people who are ready to do the very best work of their life.” - Jim Booth, COO

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Why It’s Cool: eBags is a huge seller of all sorts of bags online. Working with eBags means that you get to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

Best Benefit: Team happy hours, a dog-friendly office and trips to baseball games.

Note From the Boss: “We look for people who innately connect with our customers at a fundamental level. Typically these are people that love to travel, love to be outside, love fashion because these are all things our customers love and that is why they shop at eBags,” President Rob Cassidy said.   

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Why It’s Cool: Signpost is one of Colorado's fastest growing and hiring tech startups, and it’s fun to be a part of something growing like crazy. Besides that, its software is pretty neat.

Best Benefit: First sales promos (Sr. level) include salary increases and perks like: summer Fridays, time off, priority for inbound leads, ability to take on leadership/mentor roles.

Note from the Boss: "Signpost is looking for individuals who act like owners. This spirit mirrors the mentality of the thousands of businesses we support through our automated marketing. Ideal candidates are looking to work in a great team environment and value clear thinking, concise communication and rapid execution." - Chris DePatria, VP of Revenue.

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Why It’s Cool: Wayin is actively looking to get more women involved in tech, and has made a point out of increasing the number of women it employs. Plus, the Denver Broncos use their product.

Best Benefit: The ability to grow. Wayin is a fast growing company that just went international. Who knows where your career will take you?

Coolest Job Opening: The Marketing Program’s Manager position will allow one lucky candidate the ability to be in the middle of all the action. If you like to stay on your toes, collaborate across an organization and make an organization look good, than check out this position.

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Gorilla Logic

Why It’s Cool: Well not only is the name Gorilla Logic awesome, the company itself does some pretty awesome stuff. They specialize in building mobile apps, and its main offices are on Pearl Street in Boulder. On top of that, Gorilla Logic built Saturday Night Live's mobile app.

Best Benefit: You'll be working with a bunch of incredibly smart, incredibly driven people and have the opportunity to build some amazing software.

Coolest Open Position: Gorilla Logic currently has three jobs listed on Built In Colorado. The best one is likely to depend on whether or not you're a senior Drupal developer, a mid-level Java developer, or just really value working remotely.

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