4 Galvanize Boulder companies you should look out for at its launch this week

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Published on May. 12, 2014
4 Galvanize Boulder companies you should look out for at its launch this week


Galvanize Boulder, an expansion of the first Galvanize community in Denver, is opening its doors today. The first three suite members (splick.itRamen and Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network) are moving in today, followed by more permanent members next week.

The new office at 1035 Pearl Street (West End Plaza, 5th floor - amazing views of the Flatirons!) features two public balconies, one gym, two beer taps, four private phone booths, five conference rooms and plenty of event spaces and lounges. Get a peek at the office this week during the nine events that Galvanize Boulder will be hosting during Boulder Startup Week.

“This innovation ecosystem supports the tech community inside and out via digital innovators and disruptors, meetups and roundtables, access to mentors and A-List Honorary members,”

A few of the companies that have officially signed on to move in at Galvanize Boulder include PivotalLabs, splick.it, Ramen, ReadyTalk, UpOnAdventure, CloudSpace, SocialGist, BlankSlateSystems and 23rd Studios. Built In Colorado caught up with four of these companies to hear their big plans as they move into their new space:



Socialgist: is a critical supplier of data to the exploding market for tools that make sense of social media

What makes them different: “Socialgist helps users get access to all of the world’s social media content. We discover it, index it, structure it and make it query-able,” President Darren Kelly said. “And we do it at mega or social-scale, on our own infrastructure and in our own datacenters, allowing the largest companies and largest brands in the world to rely on us.”

What’s new with them: “Socialgist is growing rapidly and has already reached profitability,” Kelly said. “We recently added the “Two Twitters and Facebook” of China (Weibo, Tencent Weibo & RenRen) as social sources.”

Their team: “We have a couple dozen folks in Detroit, 10 in Serbia, two in Kiev and two here in Boulder."

Why they’re moving into Galvanize Boulder: “DK & Justin have been part of the Colorado startup community for almost 10 years, and love the vibe that comes from being around other young companies.  And the beer.”



Up On Adventure: is a mobile app made for users' next big adventures.

Why they do what they do: “We are founded from our passion for adventure,” COO Keith Cervone said. “Whether you’re hiking, biking, visiting a dog park or a swimming under a waterfall, life is an endless adventure. We’re bringing the world together by helping people, discover, share and live life’s adventures.”

What they are up to now: “We are in the final stages of beta testing our website which will be launched June 1,” Cervone said. “We are extremely excited that the mobile iOS app is almost finished being developed and will be submitted to the iTunes, App store, before the end of the month. We have plans to attain funding before the end of the year.”

Why they’re moving into Galvanize Boulder: “While we have a ton of momentum, Galvanize in boulder is the perfect place for our business to gain more traction and further expand our network,” Cervone said. “With the entrepreneurial environment that Galvanize is known to create, combined with the adventure enthusiasm in Boulder, we’re positive there is literally no better place for us to grow, than with Boulder Galvanize!”



23rd Studios: is a creative studio offering video, web design, photography, branding, graphics and illustration.

Why they do what they do: “We believe that every company and organization deserves access to great creative work, whether that means video, photo, email marketing, web design, branding or illustration,” co-owner Paul Talbot said. “So often we see small companies being stuck between two alternatives that don't work for them — either they find someone who is willing to do it cheaply and get a terrible product, or they go with one of the bigger shops and receive no attention because of their smaller budget. We strive on collaboration and building relationships in our community, and seeing people succeed with our help is what keeps us going. When our community does well, we all benefit.”

Their growth: “Our team is a small with a low overhead. Often times we think of ourselves as more of a scalable worker co-op of trusted individuals that are greater than the sum of our parts. We have the skills and resources to support projects of any size.”

Why they’re moving into Galvanize Boulder: “We feel that Galvanize in Boulder is opening the door for companies with like values to grow together. Galvanize is a critical part of the startup community and being in a physical space along side the companies and community we already work with provides us an even greater opportunity for collaboration.”


Luke’s Circle: is an email-based jobs list that connects talented professionals with the best insider opportunities at growing companies in the Boulder-Denver area.

What keeps the team going: “Even if people aren't interested in finding a job right now, it's an easy way to keep a pulse on hip, cool companies,” founder Luke Vernon said. “I launched the site when I was COO of Eco-Products to help myself and other local employers find talented people.  What keeps me going is that the business and concept works really well!  We have a lot of repeat clients and we've helped hundreds of companies find exceptional people very affordably over the past couple of years.  

What they are up to now: “We're working on a number of initiatives including expanding to other cities and launching other sites that will appeal to our robust and growing user base,” Vernon said. “The Colorado tech community should look out for us because we already have more than 6,000 of the most talented professionals in Colorado as members of Luke's Circle.”

Why they’re moving into Galvanize Boulder: “Galvanize has done such an incredible job in Denver becoming a focal point of the startup scene there,” Vernon said. “I have a lot of confidence in their leadership team that they'll do the same in Boulder. I'm excited to be part of it and to work in what will be a world-class office space.”

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