How These Tech Companies Are Using Contactless Solutions to Build Connections

June 29, 2020
Colorado tech companies

In-person interactions aren’t the only way to build and maintain relationships. 

Tools like video conferencing, digital whiteboards, social wellness apps and even online dating sites have become indispensable throughout times of self-isolation, as people look for new ways to connect with one another. As the world slowly begins reopening while the threat of COVID-19 still looms large, it doesn’t seem like these alternatives to in-person interactions are going away any time soon.

In fact, two Colorado-based tech companies are continuing to leverage digital tools to enable their users to safely continue building relationships that, under different circumstances, would have happened face-to-face. 


Throwing a convention in the midst of a pandemic sounds like a public health hazard — or does it? 

Boulder-based Scaled Agile teaches and certifies businesses in a software development process called Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe for short. Every year, it holds conferences that provide opportunities for attendees to make connections and learn how to make their teams more efficient when building software.

While COVID-19 made it impossible to hold the large European SAFe Summit in person, Scaled Agile didn’t want to cancel. Instead, it pivoted and turned it into a virtual affair. 

It’s a great opportunity to make connections and build your network with other coaches, thought leaders and change agents.”

By moving the event online, Scaled Agile was still able to offer talks from keynote speakers, workshops, one-on-one coaching and even a virtual exhibit hall. While the summit wasn’t exactly the same as it would have been in person, this year’s Program Chair, Andrew Sales, maintained that it was still a valuable way for people to connect and learn from one another.

“It’s a great opportunity to make connections and build your network with other coaches, thought leaders and change agents,” Sales said. “We’re really excited about this program.”

Another unexpected perk of going virtual? Those who missed the conference can access recordings of the events until mid-September. 


Since 2006, Formstack has strived to make administrators’ lives easier. The productivity platform enables users to build custom surveys, payment processing forms, HIPAA-compliant healthcare documents and more. By streamlining processes, consolidating data and empowering users to lean into what works for their unique businesses, the Colorado Springs-based company hopes to make workplaces run better.

Now it’s hoping to make them safer, too. Formstack spun up several new tools to aid businesses as they reopen. Its Back to Work solutions were designed to keep Formstack’s customers connected to their own employees and patrons, all while minimizing physical contact. 

Going digital is the great enabler to not only survive the current crisis but ensure resiliency for future challenges.”

“As businesses prepare to return to work, they need to ensure employees and customers feel safe and confident,” Head of Marketing and Product Strategy Rob Wiley said in a company blog post. “Our Back to Work solutions help businesses reopen with confidence by digitizing and automating vital operations necessary to re-onboard employees and enable contactless customer or patient services.”

In the suite of new tools, Formstack offers templated and customizable feedback forms so businesses can track the efficacy of their COVID-19 responses. There are also forms that help facilitate mobile ordering, e-signatures and documentation of employee health. 

“Going digital is the great enabler to not only survive the current crisis but ensure resiliency for future challenges,” Wiley said. 


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