Work smarter, not harder: 5 productivity tools from Colorado tech startups

November 13, 2017

The digital age is all about working smarter — not harder. At the core of that endeavor is figuring out how to drive productivity and accomplish more with our limited time. Tech, too, is at the center of this mission, acting as a catalyst for countless productivity tools.

The Colorado startup community is home to a number of such companies that make our lives easier and our processes more efficient with the use of tech.


Nimbulis productivity tool Colorado
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Collaboration and productivity go hand in hand. No employee is an island, and if you can’t connect and work with your peers efficiently and quickly, productivity suffers. Nimbulis offers a cloud-based business collaboration platform that enables deeper communication among teams and across departments using collaborative workflows, updated in real time. Team members can assign one another deadlines, communicate about new opportunities and share critical information in one online platform. productivity tools Colorado
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A poorly planned product roadmap and a lack of clarity about organizational goals can cost a business both time and money. Recently launched startup aims to change that with a productivity tool that helps organizations better leverage data, insights and ideas from their teams. By gathering ideas in real time and scoring and analyzing those ideas collaboratively, businesses can prioritize product developments and more clearly align employees with company-wide goals — ensuring efforts (and budgets) are all focused on the right initiatives.


MobileDay productivity tool Colorado
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Phone appointments, conference calls and online meetings are an everyday part of the modern business world, and yet they can be a huge pain when you can’t log in or find the right link or PIN number to connect. The MobileDay app syncs with smartphone calendars, sends reminders ahead of the meeting, and then allows users to dial in to any call directly with one touch.


Otixo productivity tool Colorado
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Otixo aggregates your online life to make all your stuff easier to find. Users can connect cloud services — such as DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, Evernote and Flickr —  to make finding and accessing online files easier. The app can be used to share files across clouds and among teams, or simply to streamline and merge the use of disparate cloud services.


CTRL+Console productivity tool Colorado
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Creative work and the digital world can often seem to run contrary to one another, with today’s creatives often finding themselves limited by the capabilities of the keyboard and mouse. CTRL+Console is a mobile app that enables people to use a tablet as a touchscreen controller for their computer, supporting software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom. The company’s products help designers and video editors streamline their workflows and gain greater control over the way they work.


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