Colorado tech recruiters reveal their top 3 dos and don'ts for dressing for an interview

by April Bohnert
October 17, 2017

First impressions are critical when you’re pursuing a potential job. The moment you make eye contact and shake hands, that recruiter will have started sizing you up. Of course, most job seekers know this and have likely spent too much time in front of the mirror wondering, “What does this outfit say about me?”

We talked to three local tech recruiters to learn their dos and don’ts of dressing for an interview, and the number one piece of advice they have for candidates who are picking out the “perfect” interview outfit.


Meghan Harris is a recruiter for Signpost, a Denver-based startup that creates cloud-based marketing and CRM software. She got her start there as a sales representative before transitioning to talent acquisition. As someone who’s been on both sides of the interview table, she knows comfort and confidence are paramount to nailing an interview.

What are your dos and don’ts of dressing for an interview?

DO keep it simple! Don't wear anything that might distract from or outshine your rockstar personality!

DO keep it light and breezy! Don't layer up. You will be speaking with a lot of people and most likely a bit nervous. Sweating is inevitable!

DO keep it classy! Don't wear your most trendy/distressed jeans to your interview. When in doubt, overdress!

What's your number one piece of advice for deciding what to wear to an interview?

Ultimately, we are bringing you into the office because we believe you may be a great addition to our team. Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. Don't overthink it!


Reed Kremer leads people operations and recruitment at agile market research provider Gutcheck. Kremer has been there for over two years, hiring roles that range from developers to marketing scientists, and he’s found that, rather than guessing, dressing for an interview is all about preparation.


What are your top three dos for dressing for an interview?

Do ask about proper attire at the company you are interviewing with. GutCheck is 100 percent casual, so when we have people roaming around in suits for interviews it's a little awkward. On the flip side, if it's a business professional environment and you come casual that will cause issues as well.

Do dress to impress. This can mean a lot of different things, but generally, just make sure clothes are clean, not wrinkled, and without holes or stains if it's somewhere casual, or your best business professional attire if more formal (a suit, probably).

Do dress in a manner in which you will be comfortable, even if office conditions are colder or warmer than you expected. Consider bringing a light sweater with you, that way if you're cold you can put it on and if not it won't be bulky to carry along.

What are your top three don’ts?

Don't guess! If you haven't been to the office before or you're unaware of dress somewhere you're about to interview, find a way to get that information. Ask the person you've been communicating with.

Don't think that coming right from a previous activity should have any bearing on how you dress. If you're coming right from your soccer game to interview and expect to be sweaty and in athletic wear, reschedule.

Don't stress trying to match perfect color schemes. "Red means energy, strength and danger! I'll wear red!" Yeah, it's just not going to help you. Give an awesome interview, you'll be fine.

What's your number one piece of advice for deciding what to wear to an interview?

Mirror. You want to be dressed in a way similar to people at the company with which you're interviewing. If it's a casual environment, perhaps dress business casual, but don't get overly formal. If it's a business professional type of environment, make sure your dress meets the business professional threshold as well.



E.B. Love is a self-proclaimed “talent sleuth.” She’s worked in talent acquisition for more than 10 years, and currently manages people operations for SaaS workflow management company Workiva. Love’s best advice for interview attire? Understand the culture of the company, but ultimately, show up in something that feels like you.

What are your top three dos for dressing for an interview? 

Be yourself, and present yourself as yourself.

Align your choices with the company culture. Do they wear cargo shorts and flip-flops? Perhaps a suit is too much. However, a nice collared shirt and slacks or jeans may be the perfect fit.

Make sure you feel confident.

What are your top three don’ts?

Don’t wear something uncomfortable that would distract you from the interview.

Leave the chewing gum in the car.

Perfume and cigarette smoke are two things that can be too much.

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