A behind-the-scenes look at 4 of the coolest offices in Colorado tech

by April Bohnert
June 29, 2017

As adults, we spend upward of 40 hours a week at the office. Heck, we spend more waking hours there than almost anywhere else. So why not spend that time at an office that inspires creativity, invites collaboration and keeps you energized?

Many Colorado tech companies realize that employees want more than just a cubicle with their name on it. They want a place where they feel empowered to do their best work. In response, local startups are thinking outside the box to create vibrant, open workspaces that beckon top talent from across the state — and even the country. 





Location: Denver

Industry: Mobile, foodtech

Number of employees: 110

Square footage: 15,000 square feet

Move-in date: February 2017

What inspired the design of your office?

“All of our offices have a unique feel, yet fall under the welcoming OpenTable brand experience,” said recruiter Mia Abbott. “An open floor plan and a spacious kitchen and break room with lots of amenities is essential. We also wanted to be sure to have adequate noise cancelling and space so that people can focus, yet also foster the vibrant OpenTable culture.”

What's the coolest or most unique feature?

“We have custom-made booths and picnic tables in our break room — made by local company, Raw Creative — which celebrate gathering around the restaurant table and dining out,” Abbott said.





Location: Broomfield

Industry: Adtech

Number of CO employees: 250

Square footage: 38,730 square feet

Move-in date: June 5, 2017

What inspired the design of your office?

"This is the first office we've ever had that we designed,” said COO and CFO Steve Swoboda. “Always before, we inherited space and furniture. It gave us the opportunity to design the space to match the way we work: that is, an open office format with groups sitting together to maximize interaction, coupled with a ton of open collaboration areas and conference rooms of all sizes where teams and participants from outside of Colorado (both other SpotX offices and clients partners) can interact.”

What's the coolest or most unique feature?

“I think the most unique attribute of the office is the internal stair we installed that connects the kitchen/game/common areas on the third and fourth floors,” Swoboda said. “This is adjacent to the big training room which, when opened up, allows for all 250-plus folks in our office to gather together."

CEO Mike Shehan added, "The balance between open working environment and an ample supply of meeting rooms that connect us to all our global offices via Hangouts is huge!"





Location: Highlands Ranch

Industry: Fitness, SaaS

Number of CO employees: 91

Square footage: 20,000 square feet

Move-in date: 2012; expanded/renovated in 2016

What inspired the design of your office?  

“Well, our office is a bit unusual,” said Casey Steiner, director of talent and culture. “We are above a sandwich shop in the suburbs (Highlands Ranch). It’s definitely not the typical place you think of for a software company, but you walk in our doors and our office is super bright (most offices/huddle rooms are on the interior).

“We have mountain views, and the desk set-up lets conversation and energy flow throughout our office. Communication and a collaborative work environment were key for us in designing our space. Creating a bright, comfortable workspace that promotes productivity and creativity while showcasing the many personalities of the team is important to us.

“When building out our expanded space in early 2016, a couple of people took an active interest in it, so we were able to use their design expertise to help with design decisions. The team also adds their own touches like a giant inflatable shark hanging from the ceiling. The sales team created an Instagram wall, and the customer success team created a ‘Zen Den’ where you can relax, decompress or nap in a giant beanbag during lunch if you want.”

What's the coolest or most unique feature?

“There are so many to choose from,” Stein said. “Our fitness room is used all the time by the team. From pull-up progression classes to Thursday Yoga to meditation that we hold 3x per week — that room is one of the team favorites. I’ve even seen managers have their 1:1’s with team members in that room.   

“Each team took lead on decorating their team’s huddle rooms. On the product development side, the husband of one of our product managers painted the Darth Vader room. He also created the Zen Planner 'Z' wall decoration out of wood pallet board.”





Location: Denver

Industry: Healthtech

Number of employees: Under 50

Square footage: 12,500 square feet — the entire 26th floor at the Denver Place

Move-in date: March 2017

What inspired the design of your office?

“We sought to build a more collaborative environment for our staff, offering top of the line AV and design equipment with a rustic, modern Colorado theme,” said Nancie Halfmann, talent acquisition manager for NextHealth. “We wanted an open feel — glass walls on conference rooms, an open training area, café style kitchen, etc.

“We created a space that shares our collective ‘why’ and our inspiration for what we do: ‘empowering people to make the best healthcare decisions.’ We also wanted to let employees share what inspires them — both in and out of the office.”

What's the coolest or most unique feature?

“We have a 'Data Visualization' gallery, which rotates once a quarter, that is conceptualized and produced by our data scientists and curated by our marketing team,” Halfmann said. “This quarter’s exhibit is about the history of data visualization and what drove innovation at that time. Other great features include Aspen wood throughout the office, 360-degree views of Denver, a rustic, modern aesthetic, white board paint in conference rooms and offices — and, of course, a well-stocked beer fridge.”



Some responses were edited for clarity and length. Images via featured companies.

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