Love your job: 5 Colorado tech companies hiring like crazy this month

by Jess Ryan
June 2, 2016

Maybe you’re looking to start your summer with a new job, are a recent grad, or maybe you’re just new to town. Wherever you’re at, Colorado’s got some great tech companies — and a lot of them are hiring. These five Colorado companies are all looking to add to their teams, and they even shared a few inside tips for when you decide to apply.


What they do: Zayo provides the high-performance fiber backbone that powers the voice, data and video traffic we all depend on every day.

Open roles: Eight positions in engineering, operations and more

Hiring manager tip: “At Zayo, we look for candidates with Orange Material, which we sum up as the 3 E's. Entrepreneurial. Effective. Energetic. We’re passionate about cultivating a dynamic, diverse and inclusive culture and are looking for Zayoites who will do their best work while having fun.” — Shannon Paulk, Director, Corporate Communications


What they do: Webroot is the largest privately-held internet security company in the United States; their products for consumers and enterprise-level organizations span everything from antivirus protection to IoT-related network security.

Open roles: Seven positions in engineering, sales and marketing

Hiring manager tip: “Let us know about your passion, your expertise, and most importantly, your loyalty to protect others. Only those with the motivation and sense of responsibility to protect mankind from online threats need apply. The bad guys don’t quit, and neither will we.” — Jason Berumen, Sr. Global Talent Manager


What they do: iTriage lets normal people take control of their health using smart technology. Their apps put all sorts of actionable medical information right in your pocket.

Open roles: Seven positions in engineering, sales and data journalism

Hiring manager tip: “iTriage has just merged with WellMatch so we have more under the hood today than people may realize. We also have a lot of exciting developments in the pipe for 2017, which means we're moving, learning and changing quickly. We're looking for people who know their strengths and are ready to apply them in versatile ways.” — MacLean Guthrie, Communications Director


What they do: CA Technologies has a suite of software products that help customers with everything from agile project management to payment security.

Open roles: Four positions in engineering and data science

Hiring manager tip: “We don't hire for ‘rock stars’ nor ‘ninjas’ nor ‘unicorns.’ We believe that empowered teams who can adapt to change and harness their collective creativity are essential for solving today’s big problems. That's what our hiring process is designed to seek out. Candidates that are team-oriented, adaptive, creative and passionate about solving today's big problems. Is that you?” — Connor Leahy, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition


What they do: builds hosted status pages for web and mobile applications, so if a company’s website goes down their visitors can know what’s going on.

Open roles: Five positions in engineering and sales

Hiring manager tip: “We're obviously looking for good skills and experience, but we also ask culture questions for every opening, even technical roles. We're still a small team, so it's important to get a sense of a candidate's personality and background in addition to career history. We want to know what drives you and makes you happy both inside and outside of work, so including thoughtful responses to all the application questions goes a long way!” — Charlotte Whitmore, Operations Assistant & Jill-of-all-trades


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