5 innovative Colorado tech companies that are hiring at offices well outside of the big city

by Anthony Sodd
November 9, 2015

By now, we've all heard that the area between downtown Denver and central Boulder is exploding at the seams with cool, successful tech startups hungry for talent. But what if you don't want to live along US 36? Colorado is a big and beautiful state, and lucky for the urban phobic among us, there are some really cool things happening all along the Front Range. Here are five companies that are hiring at offices outside of the big city. 



Where they’re located: Colorado Springs

What they do: BombBomb lets you send, record and track video emails. And, they have a great name.

Jobs on Built in Colorado: 4

Coolest job available: User Experience Designer 



Where they’re located: Headquartered in Golden, with offices in Colorado Springs (and New York and Kansas City).

What they do: HomeAdvisor connects homeowners with people who are home improvement specialists. If you want to add on to your home, you can find someone who knows what they’re doing through HomeAdvisor. 

Jobs on Built in Colorado: 18

Coolest job available: Lead Java Developer, but there’s a wide variety to choose from.


Cherwell Software

Where they’re located: Colorado Springs

What they do: Cherwell Software creates software for a diverse set of clients. If you want something built for your company, you can come to them and they’ll make it a reality. 

Jobs on Built in Colorado: 5

Coolest job available: Digital Marketing Manager — or maybe Senior Campaign Marketing Manager



Where they’re located: Headquartered in Denver, with offices in Ft. Collins (and Austin, Boulder, San Francisco and Seattle)

What they do: Galvanize offers an interesting mix of co-working space and technology education. It’s like a university for people who want to work with computers that happens to have desks you can work from. 

Jobs on Built in Colorado: 6, but only one is located in Ft. Collins.

Coolest job available: Associate Instructor, Full Stack Developer 


Aleph Objects

Where they’re located: Longmont

What they do: They make 3D printers. Lots and lots of 3D printers. 

Number of jobs listed: 5

Coolest job available: 3D Printer Technician, if only because most people probably don’t even realize such a job exists.



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