This company brings hotel standards to home vacation rentals

by Anthony Sodd
October 6, 2015


Staying at a vacation home rental booked through a service like Airbnb can be messy. Getting ahold of the keys is often a hassle, and you never really know when the sheets were last washed. If you have any problems during your stay, your best and only option is to contact the person whose home you're staying in. You are, after all, dealing with amateur hoteliers out to make a quick buck.

“In the $84 billion dollar vacation rental industry there are no national players that deliver all the consistency and reliability that hotel brands do,” Henry Parry-Okeden, co-founder at InvitedHome said. “Inconsistency is rampant, and users don’t really know what they’re going to get until they get to the home.”

And yet, despite all the hassles, there’s an undeniable draw to staying in someone else’s home. Not only are you afforded the opportunity to see a city through the lens of a local’s home, you’re also likely to be a lot more comfortable than had you booked a room in some soulless, corporate hotel. And, of course, there’s the cost difference.

Boulder-based InvitedHome brings the professional back into the mix. In essence, their service brings the quality and consistency you expect from a first rate hotel, into the vacation home rental economy. For consumers, it’s like staying at an Airbnb, but knowing that the home you’ve booked will always be at the level of a Four Seasons.

“InvitedHome does everything for the homeowner so that we can deliver the level of consistency that hotels do,” Parry-Okeden said. “With InvitedHome guests can know that no matter where they stay, no matter which house they’re in, the property will be very well maintained, very well cleaned, with hotel crisp sheets and that there will be a local, 24-7 presence should they have any problems.”

Basically, InvitedHome is a management company for vacation rentals. If you have a second home you’d like to rent out, they’ll take care of all the details for you. They send out a professional photographer and manage the listing for you. They screen applicants, and make sure someone is on the ground to ensure your guests’ problems are taken care of promptly. They send out cleaners to ensure your house is in tip-top, hotel level shape. They even bring their own hotel-grade sheets, soap and everything else your guests would get had they booked at some place like the Four Seasons — only they’ll be staying at your second home in Breckenridge.

So far, InvitedHome has been supporting properties in resort areas in Colorado, California, Hawaii and Florida, but plans to begin expanding rapidly across the entire United States.


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