Inside 3 of Colorado's hottest and sexiest new tech offices

by Anthony Sodd
September 10, 2015

Office envy. We all have it. It's a fact of life that somebody else's office is going to be way nicer than yours. These three companies that recently moved to swanky new offices are pretty much guaranteed to make your current space look like it's in need of a serious update. 


Employees: 85
Office size: 20,000 sq. ft. 
Move in date: July, 2015

What they love about the space: The open environment and the fun little huddle spaces provide enhanced collaboration among teams and team members.  We also love our new kitchen and all-hands space. Coming from an office building where we were spread across 3 suites on 2 floors, our new space is a big improvement.

What they wanted but didn't get: A helicopter and helipad so we can do team off sites in the mountains!

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Employees: Around 75
Office size: 18,500 sq. ft.
Move in date: May, 2015

What you love about the space: We love the open work space and all the windows that allow so much natural light in. Plus, both balconies are to die for! 

What they wanted but didn't get: An underground tunnel to the local watering hole would be cool. Or, maybe an indoor slide to take us to different floors of the building!



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Employees: Currently 7, but they're hiring!
Office size: 4,100 sq. ft.
Move in date: April, 2015

What they love about the space: It has a ton of space, everyone gets their own office (for now), the conference room is really slick looking, we have a dedicated game room, a poker table, kegerator, a golf room, there is a kitchen in the suite, it has great views of the mountains and the capital, and the building itself is pretty nice.

What they wanted but didn't get: A few things. Fiber lines into the building would be nice. The internet we have is pretty old skool. Slightly taller ceilings would be nice as well. That way we could get one of those virtual golf systems and play without hitting the ceiling with the clubs. 

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