Too weird to exist, too awesome not to: 3 oddball, off-the-wall Colorado startups

by Anthony Sodd
August 14, 2015


Funsies Onesies Clothing Company: Makers of the Adult Onesie

The Funsies Onesies Clothing Company wants to make toddler-inspired onesies suitable for everyday adult use. Ridiculous? Ok, maybe. But if you can get over looking like a teletubby, these things do look super comfortable. I doubt you’ll see them in the office anytime soon, but given the inroads yoga pants have made into everyday fashion, who knows? If you want to get in on the Funsies Onesies ground floor, their Kickstarter should start in the Fall.



Rent the Chicken: Delivering Chickens to Colorado Homes

The Rent the Chicken people will deliver everything you need to have your very own egg-producing chicken coop right to your front door. At the end of the season, they’ll even pick it all back up again. If you happen to fall in love with your chickens, or decide to eat them, they’ll let you adopt them. This startup is actually based out of Pennsylvania, but has recently opened a Ft. Collins franchise.



Drunk Mode: Find Your Drunk Friends With GPS

We all know how easy it is to lose a drunk friend in the midst of a night of revelry. Well now you can track them down using the Drunk Mode app. The app also leaves a trail of GPS breadcrumbs so, when you wake up confused, you can figure out where you went after you blacked out. Helpfully, the app also blocks you from drunk dialing certain people in your contact list. The makers of this app are located in Virginia, but they do have a Colorado Springs representative and recently partnered with Boulder-based FABRIQ.


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