5 job openings at Colorado tech startups that'll exercise your creative muscles

by Anthony Sodd
May 18, 2015


So you want to work for a tech startup but you want to be creative? Well it turns out you're in luck, because startups are hungry for creative talent. Below are 5 job openings that are sure to exercise your creative muscles. 

Lead UI/UX Developer for Kindara

Why it’s cool: The company specializes in creating tools that help women manage their health and fertility goals – so you could go to sleep at night knowing you helped someone.

What you’d do: You’d be in charge of the implementation of a UX/UI redesign of Kindara’s apps.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with a strong portfolio, lots of experience working with iOS, and a desire to make a positive difference in women’s lives.


Videographer with Craftsy

Why it’s cool: You'll get paid to be a videographer without having to move to Los Angeles. 

What you’d do: Videographer stuff. Setting up cameras, microphones, lighting, editing, etc.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with two years of experience shooting commercial video that doesn’t mind traveling.


Director of User Experience with SpireMedia

Why it’s cool: The job posting states clearly that “traditional creative directors need not apply.” It’s cool to be nontraditional.

What you’d do: You’ll manage SpireMedia’s UX/Design team and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with 3-5 years experience in a solid UX leadership position.  


Lead Experience Architect with EffectiveUI

Why it’s cool: Besides the fact that the job would keep you on your toes and always be interesting, they’re hiring in Denver, New York City, or Rochester, NY. I can’t recommend leaving Denver for many places, but if you're gonna do it, New York is a solid choice. 

What you’d do: You’d make clients' products awesome and easy to use.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with 5 or more years experience designing experiences for software, web applications, consumer electronics or mobile devices.


Brand Director with eBags

Why it’s cool: Not only is branding stuff fun – you’ll get to feel like a sober Don Draper.

What you’d do: You’d be in charge of managing the eBags Private Label – the best selling label on eBags.com.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with an MBA and over 5 years experience marketing consumer package goods.


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